Hughes or cleverley
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  1. Hughes or cleverley

    Hey guys

    I'm thinking of getting rid of cleverley or will hughes to basically trim the squad down

    Who shall i get shot of?

    Hughes or cleverley-2013-01-12_00001.jpgHughes or cleverley-2013-01-12_00002.jpg


  2. well the reports both list them at 3 stars, so if u can get 3 times for cleverly at 15.5 mil definitely sell him.
    However it depends on how they have been performing for the last season, and which is more useful for your team.
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  3. I have heard of people saying that Cleverley does not turn out to be world class on fm 2013 so sounds like keeping Hughes would be the better option.

  4. I would get rid of cleverly, he shouldn't improve dramatically and you will get decent money for him.

  5. tbh i think im going to sell off cleverly and loan out hughes.with the mids i already have i cant see him getting enough game time to carry on developing

  6. selling cleverley will be better as he is expected to get you much more money than hughes. hows nick powell and henriques in your save?

  7. If its for a backup purpose, i would stick with Cleverly as it gives you much more reliability than Hughes. Plus he can be more defensive when you need to hold a result.

    Btw, who is your main mids?

    And you don't need the money, you are United!

  8. mainly m'vila and cesc. tend to rotate cesc with wilshere too

  9. and i got offered 27m for cleverly

  10. do not keep him for a second for that offer. i sold him for 15m and am not sorry at all. look for regens or expiring contracts. i got dzagoev, keisuke honda and paul pogba for free. will hughes doesn't seem good, sorry mate. i got otavio for 15m and i have two great regen MCs (6.5m+375k) outside of 7 subs. and my finances are great.

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