Replacing Vida
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  1. Replacing Vida

    Right Guys

    im in the 2015/2016 season and it's the time to think about whos going to replace vidic. I basically want the similar kind of defender. Good in the air and willing to put his body on the line. Moneys pretty much not an issue but i dont want to go bat crap crazy and pay a hideous amount.


  2. astori the best CD

  3. he does seem quality but when i buy him he'll be 29 and then i dont want to have to restart looking for a defender.

  4. Regen, otherwise Hummels?

  5. Shawcross is immense from my experiance, will be a bit high on the age factor but then u can also bring in a Regen and use shawcross for 2-3 season tops and then replace with a regen.

  6. i was thinking of shawcross but stoke were asking for 35m


  8. I haven't got the italian database loaded so i cant find him. Well i'm assuming that's why he's not showing up in the searches.

    Got a feeling I will have to get a regen and train him up

  9. Quote Originally Posted by Scotty98TR View Post
    Regen, otherwise Hummels?
    Loved to have got Hummels but he already transferred to Barca in my save. Might try to unsettle him and see how much they'll list him for as his current value is around 26m

  10. Kurt Zouma. Will cost around 25-35 million though, but he's more than worth it.

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