Douglas Costa or Antoine Griezmann?

  1. Douglas Costa or Antoine Griezmann?

    For my team I need a good crosser of the ball who Griezmann would fit into very easy into my tactic (so would Costa) using the traditional wingers but sometimes I use inside fowards and Douglas Costa would be better than Griezmann

    Antoine Griezmann: Douglas Costa or Antoine Griezmann?-antoine-griezmann_-overview-profile.png

    Douglas Costa: Douglas Costa or Antoine Griezmann?-douglas-costa_-overview-profile.png

  2. Whenever you cant decide between two players, see which one you can get cheaper, and buy him.

  3. Douglas Costa is the better player, but as you said he isn't really a winger (As in he crosses the ball, he's an IF).

    I got him in the 1st season of my Arsenal save and he won PFA player of the Year, helping me to a Double. He wasn't as good in my second season, but he had to play rotate alot with the Ox and Isco. He still did quite well, getting 5 goals in the Champs' league and set up the winner in the Final!

    So if you only want a crosser of the ball, get Greizmann. If you want an Inside-forward or don't mind then get Costa!

    EDIT: Costa is also extremely versatile, so if you get injuries elsewhere he can cover for you!

  4. went with Douglas Costa, looks a lot better and he cost 14.75m and Griezmann would of cost 21m

  5. Quote Originally Posted by chrisgrogan View Post
    went with Douglas Costa, looks a lot better and he cost 14.75m and Griezmann would of cost 21m
    Griezmann has a minimum fee release of £21m and Real Sociedad always ask no less for him. Douglas Costa for £14.75m is good price, I paid about the same for him and he has been a consistant performer for me as an inside forward. I had Griezmann on fm 2012 as a winger and was an assist machine. I have yet to see what he is like on fm 2013.

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