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Best purchase/ Most improved player
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  1. Best purchase/ Most improved player

    Wanted to see what everyone would regard as their best player purchase on fm13?

    Mine so far has to be Mason Bennett for £2.7Mil.. now worth £28mil and a 30 goal a season striker!

  2. Shawcross has been my best signing for Liverpool if not the cheapest. £12.5m (I sold Skrtel for £12m). Average rating of 7.48 in the first season and 8.00 in the second (top rated player in the league plus chipping in with 7 league goals). I figured that with good decisions, composure and positioning he could play the way I wanted to with not much retraining. He can.

    Most of my cheap signings have not yet fulfilled their potential - Mattia Destro on a free has done well so far though.

  3. Kyriakos Papadopoulos. I usually pay >£20m but I've signed him every save since FM 2010 (when I could afford him obviously) and he's never let me down. Usually stays till he's well in his 30s.

  4. My best non regen signing was probably yann m'vila. He's just awesome.

  5. I have moved the thread into the " player section"

  6. Gino Peruzzi, beast on the RB position. Gonna be my favourite player from this FM version

  7. By best non-regen signing has to be Krul - got the Golden gloves 3 out of 4 seasons for me! (Cost £10m, I'm Arsenal)

    Best bargain is probably Falcao - Not been amazing for me yet, but my tactic doesn't focus around my striker - however he only cost me £10m +Giroud & Rosicky (Giroud has been good for them admittedly, but was never good for me, Rosicky got released after a year without making an appearance (Currently playing in the Danish 2nd division :L)

  8. mattia destro free 61games 39goals 10assist now worth 10.75mil all top 4 teams want him, nathan redmond ( im bham) 89games 20goals 24assists worth 9mil erm thomas drage 1mil 43games 10goals 22assists now worth 7.5mil im in 2015, G,kakuta is class aswell!! goal machine

  9. I've played Rafael to be a DW (R) on my Man U save, he's been immense so far into the season, scoring, assisting and most importantly, tracking back! Definitely my most improved player.

  10. Some quality signings.. I just remembered in one of my earlier saves aswell, I had shane long for reading, signed for 3.5Mil and he got 39 goals in 42 games in his 1st season.. that form continued, i really do advise people buy him regardless of which team you are!

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