Tips for Unsettling Players?

  1. Tips for Unsettling Players?

    I'm sure there's a regen on pretty much everyone saves which they wish they had spotted. The one on my save is a Mexican striker called Oscar Antonio Rosales.

    Tips for Unsettling Players?-oar.jpgTips for Unsettling Players?-oarstats.jpg

    I'm sure from looking at his attributes and stats you can all understand why I'm so gutted to have missed out on him.

    So I'm looking for tips on how to try and unsettle him, be that to try and ultimately sign him on a free if that would be remotely possible for a player of his caliber, or at least try and get him to request a transfer as currently his price tag is ridiculous. With negotiations the best I've been deal able to get is £240m... while I could afford that I really don't want to...

    I'm playing as Liverpool and had won successive titles, but am currently having a pretty appalling season.

  2. Hmm Wenger wasn't playing alex oxlade-chamberlain (I have no idea why...) so I started talking him up in the press (won Prem as Liverpool and was top second season), but it didn't make him any cheaper (cost close to £40mil!). I'm not sure unsettling a player will get him any cheaper, especially if he is that good!

  3. Wow yeah, maybe I am being a bit optimistic then haha. I'm kind of working on the assumption that if in a couple of years Arsenal don't win a trophy then if I persistently talk him up in the press sooner or later he'll put in a request. His goalscoring record this season is ridiculous. I'm hoping he slows down as I don't want him to break the record of 46 Ademilson set for me in the 16-17 season haha.

    I'm going to see if he has any favoured personnel in the Mexican team, sign them then try and get them to persuade him.

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