Is this regen good enough?

  1. Is this regen good enough?

    I have bought this regen for Villareal from Santos for £3.4 million on 2.9k per week. I bought him to replace Bruno who I had to sell to cut the wage budget due to the poor financial situation the team are in. Also I am in my second season and i have just been promoted, I have him playing in CM with Senna whos in the last year of his contract.

    Is this regen good enough?-alem-o_-overview-profile.png

  2. Not bad, but don't playmakers need higher creativity? Maybe play as a Box to Box midfielder?

  3. How do I train him to be a box to box midfielder on FMC or improve his creativity?

  4. FMC as in FM Challange mode? Iv'e never played that, but if it's similar to the normal game, go to his training and change focus to specific position and choose box to box midfielder.

    If not then you might just have to let him develop naturally?

  5. as in FM classic mode , the new one for this years game .. Theres no training button avaliable

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