How to get my very talented youngster to develop into a world class footballer?

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    How to get my very talented youngster to develop into a world class footballer?


    A couple of seasons ago I snapped up a talented youngster called Allan Harriott on a free transfer from Ebbsfleet (I'm playing as Rangers). During his first season i SD2 he bagged 14 goals in 19 games (as a 16-year old kid), went on to bag another 20 in the first division + cups the second year, and got some 15 goals last year despite a long term injury. Basically he's been tearing the scottish leagues and cup to pieces over the last two years, with steady performances averages above 7.50.

    Basically, I'm wondering how to develop him into a proper world class footballer? Aston Villa have already made offers for him and Max Clayton (another supertalented AML I snapped up on a free from Crewe), but I told them to sod off.

    Should I give him as much playing time as possible? There's not so many strikers in the squad he can learn from (my oldest one is 21 years old), or should I try and rotate him as it's still early in his career?

    On a completely unrelated note, after my first season I got to see a Hall of fame screen with Sweden's most successful managers ever. I've been trying to find it ever since then to see where I'm placed, but I can't seem to find it anywhere. Anyone else knows what I'm on about here?

    Grateful for any help on these two questions!

  2. For your wonderkid post a screenshot and I'll give you some advice. The hall of fame thing you go into the same menu with save in then go down to hall of fame then the nation category in the HoF page.

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