Jack Wilshere

  1. Jack Wilshere

    Looking to buy him for Real Madrid but i'm not too sure what role would be best for him. I could do with another BWM as i sold Sami Khadeira to Man Citeh so only really have Essien and he's only on loan so need a replacement and Wilshere was just one of the players i'm looking at. Thinking Lars Bender as well

    If your wondering, i'm playing a 4-2-3-1 and the BWM is next to a AP on support.

  2. Wilshere as amc with AP attack is great.
    Or on the right as an AP attack.
    Or as a cm as ap support.
    He played pretty well as dlp support for me too.
    I was United and I had Lamela and him gunning for it.So he is worth it.
    Signed him for 17.5m.
    Worth it.

  3. Bender is a much better purchase for the BWM position. He will also cost about half as much.

    Wilshere is an attacking player. He can be a very good DLP, but retraining him to BWM is too much of an ask, imo. He grows into one of the best in the world, regardless of position as an attacker, DLP, AP, AMR-IF, its a waste to stick him at BWM.

  4. Wilshere is NOT a BWM.

    I play him as my main playmaker in the CM position. Scored 11 goals and made 13 assists for an av. rating of 7.62 for my Man U team last season in the EPL.

    Can't recommend him highly enough. I have him set to dribbling often, and watching him dribble past defenses is a joy to behold.

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