Brooklyn Beckham

  1. Brooklyn Beckham

    adding this kid into my game for a bit of fun, i know hes not really been seen playing football too much but what do you guys think his CA and PA would be?

  2. 5 ca and 10 pa...

    Na i'm joking. Ca around 60-75 (not sure how old he is) and pa -8 probably.

  3. Would be interesting, if they do he'll likely get a decent PA being a legend's son and all. CA 65 PA 140 Maybe?

  4. He's 13, had a trial at Chelsea a few days ago...check what beckam's pa was and use that?

  5. He might be ok, but they haven't gone nuts with Enzo Zidane by any means, not sure what his PA ever has been but he was never rated more than 2.5 stars by Real Madrid coaches I don't think. Something similar to him would probably be fair.

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