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Poor Man's Messi???
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  1. Poor Man's Messi???

    I am working on re-creating Pep's Barca Style at Newcastle United. i am looking for the perfect false nice player and out wide right player (messi role), i tried to get Neymar as i thought he would be the one however he joined Man United instead. :-(

    so i basically need that player who is closest to Messi and can be bought for teams like Newcastle. he needs to be able to carry the team so high stats in dribbling, pace, passing, finishing, etc...

    i wouldn't mind a youngster who has potential, i am currently about to start the second season.

    any suggestions ?

  2. Surely Ben Arfa or did you sell him??

  3. had a really bad season couldn't do it... i am going to give him another go this season. unless i find someone else..
    his decisions stat is low so he is unpredictable i think!

  4. Wilf Zaha worked for me. Obviously, not as good but everytime I play him he justs runs through the defence like they're not even there!

  5. Would Isco not be a decent player too play in that role, not sure on his stats as not on FM atm but woulda thought he could play in the role you are after plus he only 21 so should only improve

  6. i got redmond who already looks better than Zaha and i already have isco playing in a different role.

  7. What about Marko Marin?

  8. Quote Originally Posted by mekitozito View Post
    What about Marko Marin?
    good shout will check him out, he still good on this year's fm?

  9. If you want a real project try Valentino Lazaro of Salzburg! 16 at start with great dribbling, technique and flair!
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  10. Takashi Inui Japanese player for Frankfurt if you work on his finishing and composure he could become a great Messi type player... also to find other players in Messi's criteria just go on his profile and click on "Find Similar Players"

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