Challenge Mode Progress Dissappeared

  1. Challenge Mode Progress Dissappeared

    I played many of the challenges during the 2 week pre release beta version, because i didnt want to start my full proper game until the game fully came out, i did the avoid relegation challenge and you get a score etc for it and it says you've finished it, but ever since i updated the game now to the full retail version it says you have not completed this challenge, does this mean i have to do that again and also the current one i'm on you can't do anything with kids? Has anyone else had this problem.

  2. same thing happened to me. I think you'll have to redo it.

  3. Death Ball's Avatar Death Ball
    Modern Day Legend
    That's because the beta results aren't kept in the full version by design, according to someone who posted before full release.

  4. So the current save i have on the go that i had before the release of You Can't Win Anything with Kids, will i need to restart that aswell?

  5. Death Ball's Avatar Death Ball
    Modern Day Legend
    I don't know that.

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