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Challenge Mode Youtube Career
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  1. Challenge Mode Youtube Career

    Hey there Football Manager lovers.

    So once 2013 was released I was downloading it the first night I had it and instantly began my favourite career challenge, get a team from the Blue Square North/South to the Premier League.

    In the end I chose Dover Athletic and having caught a bit of the Youtube bug, I started recording my games and editing in the interesting bits on the hope of entertaining everyone.

    I'm hoping some of you can check it out (give me a few episodes to get better as I feel 4 episodes in I'm just getting the hang of commentating haha).

    I would love all sorts of advice on interesting things you think I should talk about, good formations for these lower leagues, any signings some of you may know from in these leagues etc.

    I'm really hoping to build on what I've started and create something really fun us FM fans would enjoy seeing.
    If you do want to check it out the current playlist link is :

    Thanks for taking the time to read this and any constructive advice you are willing to give me.
    Cheers guys
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  2. I got some fantastic comments from a youtuber named Civilopedian in my 2nd episode Dover vs Bath :
    He asked for more time devoted to showing tactics and strategies. It was brilliant to get some feedback so I will be starting my next episode (part 5) with a breakdown of how I try to get my team to work.
    It was very encouraging to get this feedback so I hope it is the start of more to come from all of you.
    Many thanks guys

  3. The views coming in have been incredible so thank you to any of you who have been checking out my links, I'm still getting positive feedback as well which is awesome.
    In part 3: I am attempting to get my team out of a bit of a slump of draws & defeats. The only way I could think of changing their fortunes was through a formation change. What do you guys think are the best ways to keep encouraging your players when you are in challenge mode and have no access to team talks during games?
    Still hope you can all continue to comment and help me out

  4. The views continue it's incredible. Thank you so much guys! We are all overwhelmed at the interest we are getting.
    In part 4: Football Manager 2013: Part 4 - Dover vs Dorchester - YouTube I go through some last min team tactics to take on the league leaders! Does anyone out there have a recording of them taking on league leaders with a result they are proud of?
    I've prepared my part 5 video which is a big thank you to you all and an in depth look into my strategies and tactics. Part 6 will return to Football action where we participate in the FA Trophy.
    As always your comments are appreciated and with January approaching (in game), if anyone knows good signings at this level, I would love to look into your suggestions

  5. As mentioned before, Part 5 I had prepared is now available on Youtube: Football Manager 2013: Part 5 - Tactics & Strategies - YouTube
    I go in as much depth as I can in challenge mode talking all about my strategies, tactics and just overall how I like my teams to play and how I want them to react to different situations. I have also introduced a back up 4-4-2 diamond system in case my 4-5-1 fails which is inspired by the team I support Norwich City and their success with the diamond formation whilst getting promoted to the Premier League.
    Currently editing my FA Trophy match for part 6 which I hope to release before the end of the week.
    Hope the series still interests you guys

  6. Having wrapped up my Strategies & Tactics video, I've moved on back to Dover Athletic action in the FA Trophy Football Manager 2013: Part 6 - Dover vs Herne Bay - YouTube This was against a very stubborn Herne Bay side. Such was the surprise they gave us its my longest video yet however if you watch it you'll see why.
    As all of my £5,000 summer budget has already been spent, I intend to rest players to field my strongest side for cup games in an attempt to bring in as much revenue as possible. Anyone got any advice for surprise tactics in cup games?

  7. Hello everyone I have been working on my Football Manager series for a few weeks now and I must say for the most part I am very happy with my start to life with Dover Athletic. Having really enjoyed my time thoroughly creating this YouTube journey I have just released part 7 to my playlist.

    The responses my team & I have received are incredible. Although we aren’t in the thousands like we all dream of, the feedback and advice has been awesome. We have loved hitting the three digit barrier with most videos and it really encourages me to continue working hard and hopefully bringing success in game and to you guys.

    I hope it continues for a long time to come and I hope we can all have a great time working together. I would always love at any stage your opinions on: players to look out for at this level, specifics tactics and strategies you adopt for these lower leagues, ways to encourage players in FM2013 Challenge Mode.

    For my full playlist please see:
    v=M_u_mlf9Ce4&list=PLOP3uWGrWXbff_9_4ja2xqv9Zk4kQt nWU&feature=mh_lolz

    For any of you who may be reading this for the first time here is a recap on my adventure so far:

    Part 1: Zero to Hero - Football Manager 2013 - Zero To Hero - YouTube
    Introducing myself to the Football Manager community, I play against Farnborough in my first game on YouTube.

    Part 2: Dover vs. Bath - Football Manager 2013: Part 2 - Dover vs Bath - YouTube
    In Dover’s 7th game of the season we take on Bath in an attempt to continue an unbeaten start to the season. We also receive some incredible comments.

    Part 3: Dover vs. Billericay - Football Manager 2013: Part 3 - Dover vs Billericay - YouTube
    An iffy patch leaves Dover needing to rediscover form facing a team whose name I cannot pronounce. We look into ways to encourage the team before taking on the League Leaders.

    Part 4: Dover vs. Dorchester - Football Manager 2013: Part 4 - Dover vs Dorchester - YouTube
    Straight after the game with Billericay, Dover face the current League Leaders Dorchester in a bid to narrow the gap at the top of the table.

    Part 5: Tactics & Strategies - Football Manager 2013: Part 5 - Tactics & Strategies - YouTube
    After being requested, I go into full depth of all the tactics & strategies I try to use in FM 2013. I also explain my choices for using back up formations and generally how I try to get my teams to play.

    Part 6: Dover vs. Herne Bay - Football Manager 2013: Part 6 - Dover vs Herne Bay - YouTube
    I return to football action in the FA Trophy. It is my hopes to succeed in this competition to bring in more funds to use on transfers in the short and long term future.

    Part 7: December League & Cup Action - Football Manager 2013: Part 7 - December League & Cup Action! - YouTube
    As an apology for my longer than usual gap between uploading episodes I treat you to 2 games. The congested period shows both games played in about 4 days as I fight at the top of the table and play the 2nd round of the FA Trophy.

  8. Hello again everyone I return with a link to part 8 of my Blue Square story:
    Football Manager 2013: Part 8 - League Action & Transfer Market Prep - YouTube
    After my knockout in the 2nd round of the FA Trophy, I have just the League to focus on now.
    Its the 1st of January so I bring you a game against Tonbridge and an evaluation of my team including analysis of areas I would like to strengthen in the transfer market.
    I would really love as many comments as I can to get a feel for whether people would benefit seeing my entire January activity so they can see all the offers I make and the players I find, or if a simple evaluation at the start of Feb would be acceptable.
    I have had a great comment about some potential players to look up so if any of you know good players for this level I would greatly appreciate your help.
    Best of luck Managers!

  9. Hello everyone just wanted to update you with part 9 of my Blue Square South season.
    I think this may help some people out as it is a summary of my January Transfer activity.

    The link to episode 9 is: Football Manager 2013: Part 9 - January Transfer Summary - YouTube
    Of course for anyone new to this thread can see my adventure and the team I had from the start with this link to the whole playlist:Football Manager 2013 - Zero To Hero - YouTube

    I have recorded the rest of the season and intend to have the remaining episodes before Christmas so there will be plenty of activity coming up and you will be able to see what league I am in to start next year.
    Take care guys and thank you as always!

  10. My short & sweet part 10 of my season is now up on Youtube.
    I wrap up my february against Weston-Super-Mare after a failed attempt at recording against Welling.
    After complaining at that failed recording I consider if some of my players would be able to cope with the next level if we were to be promoted.
    The link to part 10 is: Football Manager 2013: Part 10 - Dover vs Weston-Super-Mare - YouTube
    And of course the link to the whole playlist is: Football Manager 2013 - Zero To Hero - YouTube
    Thank you for all your comments helping me, its been a pleasure trying to help and inspire you

  11. Alrite mate. I've had your videos on (albeit in the background while I play FM) and they're more entertaining than I thought they'd be. The leagues is yours to lose now though, hopefully you'll keep getting results. Unlucky May didn't score a dramatic winner at the end!

    You've inspired me into thinking about doing one, but who would enjoy listening to a scouser? lol
    Didn't like your cheeky dig at Liverpool btw.. haha

  12. Thank you for being so positive Tezzz. I think anyone who wants to do a series should do one.
    I'm flattered I could be so entertaining and I hope I've been of some help.
    I think regional accents could only help people more so if you want to do a series then go for it.
    My cheeky dig at Liverpool was reference to their 5-2 win over Norwich who I support so I was having a little dig at myself too

  13. The end of the season approaches. It is March and Dover take on Havant & Waterlooville in an attempt to keep themselves top and top Boreham Wood catching up & threatening to pinch top spot.
    The link to this episode is: Football Manager 2013: Part 11 - Dover vs Havant & Waterlooville - YouTube

    On a side note some comments have been raised advising me to change from challenge mode to classic mode in FM 2013. This is so I can give the full experience of the game and be able to mix a new discussion into every episode as well as showing gameplay. This way I can be informative and interesting in every episode and would work much better if the game I decide to record ends badly.
    If I were to do this I would change from Dover Athletic to Lincoln City as I study at University here. Lincoln are in the Blue Square Premier so it would be like I was promoted with Dover but the dates would repeat for one season. I'm just curious what people thought of this idea and would love some feedback.
    Doing this would give me access to:
    In Game Team Talks.
    Personal Player Talks.
    In Depth Media Interviews.
    In Depth Team & Personal Training.

  14. Hey guys we are approaching crunch time and its episode 12 : Football Manager 2013: Part 12 - Dover vs Chelmsford - YouTube
    I take on Chelmsford & Basingstoke with Dover back in form and in a real battle with Boreham Wood for 1st place.
    Its 2 fast paced games where I can show you the line up for the season finale.

    Again I would love to get some feedback regarding continuing the series in classic mode with Lincoln City in the Blue Square Premier.

  15. Been busy lately so just catching up on the latest to videos.

    Continuing the series with Lincoln City in the other mode sounds like a good idea but its up to you mate!

  16. Just watched them mate. Well played on confirming a play off spot. I think you'll still win the league, I've got faith even if your team hasn't haha.

    5:55 in the first video had me lol'ing. You just knew it was coming.

    edit; and by first I mean part 11

  17. Guess who guys .... I'm back and I apologise for keeping you waiting.
    Although it has been uploaded for a couple of days here is the link for episode 13 of my season.
    Football Manager 2013: Part 13 - Promotion Push! - YouTube
    I face an old rival of the season - Dorchester
    The right result can win me the league so please check it out to see how I fare.

  18. Happy 2013 to you all
    Presenting the last episode of the conventional season. Its part 14: Football Manager 2013: Part 14 - Season Finale? - YouTube
    Matching or besting Boreham Wood's result means we win the league.
    If we are unsuccessful then we face the play-offs.
    We all hope you enjoy and I hope to continue bringing more episodes in the next week or two.

  19. As I had done in an earlier post, I thought it would be a good idea to do a list summarising all the episodes I have done till now before I begin new recordings over the next week or two. I also thought it would be useful to have a full list in case anyone sees episodes they may have not before that interests them. There is a full playlist available. I hope you find any episode you watch entertaining and informative. So here we go:

    Episode 1: Football Manager 2013 - Zero To Hero - YouTube
    An intro to the series. I plan to take Dover from the Blue Square South to the Premier League & a game against Farnborough.

    Episode 2: Football Manager 2013: Part 2 - Dover vs Bath - YouTube
    7 games into the season I face Bath and see if I can continue an unbeaten start to the season.

    Episode 3: Football Manager 2013: Part 3 - Dover vs Billericay - YouTube
    13 games gone and I've had some games to forget off camera so its time to try and get back on track.

    Episode 4: Football Manager 2013: Part 4 - Dover vs Dorchester - YouTube
    Straight after my game against Billericay I take on League Leaders Dorchester trying to narrow the gap at the top of the table.

    Episode 5: Football Manager 2013: Part 5 - Tactics & Strategies - YouTube
    After being requested I go in depth into my tactics and strategies to try and get the best out of my players in challenge mode.

    Episode 6: Football Manager 2013: Part 6 - Dover vs Herne Bay - YouTube
    I'm back to dive into some cup action all be it the 1st round of the FA Trophy.

    Episode 7: Football Manager 2013: Part 7 - December League & Cup Action! - YouTube
    An long episode where I fight at the top of the league followed by a cup game to find funds for the January transfer window.

    Episode 8: Football Manager 2013: Part 8 - League Action & Transfer Market Prep - YouTube
    After being knocked out of the FA Trophy, the League gets full attention. I also look into what areas of the team need help in the Janaury Transfer Market.

    Episode 9: Football Manager 2013: Part 9 - January Transfer Summary - YouTube
    I bring you an in depth summary to the players I have brought in and who has been let go.

    Episode 10: Football Manager 2013: Part 10 - Dover vs Weston-Super-Mare - YouTube
    Dover's mental strength to stay at the top begins to be pushed. I also consider how ready Dover is if we were to be promoted.

    Episode 11: Football Manager 2013: Part 11 - Dover vs Havant & Waterlooville - YouTube
    A draw against Weston-Super-Mare is Dover's only point in 4 games. In their worst run of the season their lead at the top dwindles. Can we recover our form?

    Episode 12: Football Manager 2013: Part 12 - Dover vs Chelmsford - YouTube
    After the recent crash in form, Dover's 1st place position hangs in the balance. Some off screen improvements are followed by a trip to Chelmsford.

    Episode 13: Football Manager 2013: Part 13 - Promotion Push! - YouTube
    Dover face and old rival of the season in the form of Dorchester. The right result can confirm promotion to the Blue Square Premier.

    Episode 14: Football Manager 2013: Part 14 - Season Finale? - YouTube
    The final conventional game of the season against Bromley. Matching or beating Boreham Wood's result will win the league.

  20. Nice videos mate! I subscribed
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  21. i just went on cant win anything with kids as Manchester united and the entire first team was able to use thats not a challenge its just the matter of playing the main team players

  22. Hey guys my apologies for the extended period away but University will always come first. However now I have some time free I've managed to begin my second season of Football Manager with episode 15: Football Manager 2013: Part 15 - New Beginnings - YouTube

    A huge thank you to any of you who found the time to check the vids out over the Christmas period, the interest was overwhelming considering our expectations.

    I have taken into account the requests by many to continue the series in the full version so you can see how I tackle every aspect of the game in depth so I am honouring my promotion with Dover and starting in the Blue Square Premier. However as I am starting a new save file, the dates have been reset meaning I have had to continue my mission with a new team. I hope this turns out to be a more positive move so in the long run I can provide more interesting discussions alongside gameplay.

    Thank you guys and its great seeing other discussions on here too with people after help

  23. Hello everyone, another apology to start with that this video has taken so long to get up. My aim is to try and have 2 Football Manager videos posted a week (as I make other series with my friends and I have University to focus on as well). I had recorded this episode about 6 times as a result of recordings being too long and interesting comments coming in.
    So here is part 16: Football Manager 2013: Part 16 - Team Report & Transfer Shortlist - YouTube

    I'm encouraging everyone possible to please let me know of any players you may want to recommend for this level. I will look at every person given to me. Please of course take into account my financial situation so I will be focusing on loans and free transfers.

    Part 17 will be focusing on how I scout players, I will possibly be making offers for some people and if I have time I will go through my team training. Hope everything so far has been useful to some of you and hope to see you all soon.

  24. Heys guys its been too far long but I finally return. After a bit of work away I've been practicing with 3D Modelling and have created a new intro I hope you will prefer to the old version. One of the main reasons for my delay has been awaiting responses from artists to use their music which I'm delighted about. I will be spending this weekend preparing a good backlog so I can start producing Football Manager much more often.

    So I present to you part 17 of my series: Football Manager 2013: Part 17 - Scouting & Pre-Season Vs. Millwall - YouTube

    Again I am still looking for feedback on whether you like these new videos being so much longer or if you want them shorter what would you recommend? Do you like seeing full games after my tactics sections or would you prefer highlights etc.

    I go through all the attributes I look for most when signing players in any position, I then go through the couple of summer signings I have already made and finish it off with my final pre-season game of the summer against the highest ranked team I've ever played - Millwall. This can only go well!!

  25. So I'm starting to get back into a rhythm now. I bring you part 18 of my Football Manager career:

    Football Manager 2013: Part 18 - Season Starter vs Kidderminster - YouTube

    The Blue Square Bet Premier season finally kicks off and I am thrown into my first competitive game in charge of Lincoln City with an uncomplete squad. I go through more signings I have made since part 17 and point out positions I still need cover for. With no idea of what my first team should be and all summer training based on team cohesion lets just say I'm not confident....

  26. Hello everyone I return with more of my Football Manager career. After my awful start to being Manager of Lincoln City, our team has been completed and some decent results have come with it. As promised at the end of my last episode I am bringing you league action against Tamworth.

    However, before I get into that I go through how I arrange my team's training schedule, my current and future plans with it and this is followed by an explanation into each players individual training. I show you how I have looked into specific roles for some players and attributes for others as well as how you can decide what you think would be best for your players.

    So here you are part 19: Football Manager 2013: Part 19 - Team Training & Lincoln vs Tamworth - YouTube

  27. It has been too long so how else to better treat you than some FA Cup action. With lower league cup heroes capturing respect such as Bradford and Oldham in the Capital One Cup and FA Cup respectively, it is time to see if my Lincoln City has what it takes to try and achieve something similar and it starts with the 1st Round of the FA Cup against Rochdale. The winner is rewarded with a 2nd Round tie against Hartlepool.
    To see how I do here is your link:

  28. Interesting. Will check them out later.

  29. Half way through the first video. Subscribed!
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  30. That very flattering thank you I hope you enjoy all the work that is coming!
    I have my next video already built I'm just waiting for a few more views as part 22 is rather the large spoiler alert for what happens in part 21.

  31. After November's shock victory for Lincoln over League 2 Rochdale in the FA Cup 1st Round, I simply had to make December's game the 2nd Round fixture vs Hartlepool. A shorter episode than normal, this episode is purely to see if my team can battle it out with players from League One. Episode 22 will feature simply the gameplay and my reaction at the end. I hope you can check it out. Episode 23 will feature my January Summary of the team, who is letting me down, who is doing well and my potential plans if any for the Transfer Market.

    But until then here is that FA Cup game: Football Manager 2013: Part 22 - FA Cup 2nd Round vs Hartlepool - YouTube

  32. Hello everyone and welcome back to my thread if you have visited before and welcome none the less if you are new.
    I'm continuing my story and it is now the start of January. With very little in the bank to spend, I have decided instead of looking at potential transfers to help me for the 2nd half of the season, I will do a squad summary to look more in depth at how everyone is doing. I look into who is performing the best and can't be moved form the first team, who is scoring the goal, getting the assists and the highest match ratings. I also evaluate those who maybe need a few games for me to get a better impression of and finally who is already looking like dead weight.
    This is wrapped up by a derby match against Lincoln's rivals Grimsby. Victory will give us a league double over them and put us in a great position leading up to our FA Cup 3rd round game against MK Dons.
    So here is the link: Football Manager 2013: Part 23 - Mid Season Summary & Rival Derby vs Grimsby - YouTube

  33. So it may be overshadowing our great progress in the Blue Square Bet Premier but the excitement of the FA Cup cannot be ignored. So after great success in beating the odds against Rochdale and Hartlepool, my tired squad must do battle once more against an even tougher side in MK Dons. A top League 1 club so damage limitation is the main agenda. By playing 2 up front though you never know . . .
    However, with so many games played in recent months its become a case of playing the fittest rather than the strongest team. The income will be invaluable to Lincoln City next season and as one of the very few non league teams remaining my team can be very proud of their efforts so far. So for one last push at glory I bring you the FA Cup 3rd round:

  34. Turns out the link may be wrong so just to update (sorry about that):
    Football Manager 2013: Part 24 - FA Cup 3rd Round vs MK Dons - YouTube

  35. Lincoln City are the only remaining Blue Square Bet team left in the FA Cup. So the lowest ranked team is rewarded with a trip to Premier League West Brom. Our only advantage is that West Brom have lost the their last 4 games in a row so if we perform we have a chance. With Bagayoko & Cort up front together, Lincoln have done wonders in the FA Cup so here is the 4th round.
    Please leave comments for any game mechanics you may want me to look into in future episodes before the season's end:
    Football Manager 2013: Part 25 - FA Cup 4th Round vs West Brom - YouTube

  36. So all of the FA Cup madness has passed which means Lincoln can now focus on the league. There will probably only be a couple more episodes left of this season and hopefully we will be on the right side of the automatic promotion spot. We are fighting with Stockport for the title and trail in points but have games in hand.
    I spend this episode discussing how many point I think we will need to win the league, whether it is realistic with the squad growing ever more tired with more and more games being played.
    I also recently made a webcam video to discuss ideas for how to format my adventure next season and onward so I would really appreciate if you can leave feedback about the ideas I have in mind as well as any ideas you may have yourselves.

    Webcam Vid:
    Football Manager 2013 Plans - YouTube

    Part 26:
    Football Manager 2013: Part 26 - Lincoln City vs Nuneaton - YouTube

  37. Hello everyone. There are only a few episodes left of this season now. This first one is a compilation of highlights from Lincoln's efforts in the FA Trophy. It is a shorter than usual video featuring goals and key points in the game that I hope you will find interesting. I have also used a few images of the Lincoln City stadium to try and brighten up the video which I also hope you will enjoy. This should be followed by an episode or two of League action showing you where we end up come the last day of the conventional season.

    I want to thank any of you who commented on my Football Manager plans video. The feedback from that seemed very positive so from next season I will be attempting to bring you a press conference style videos with match of the day style comment over gameplay highlight. I have new editing software so I look forward to giving it a go and making the most entertaining stuff I can.

    But to start with here is Part 27: Football Manager 2013: Part 27 - FA Trophy Highlights - YouTube

  38. Hello everyone I left a bit of a gap between episodes 27 & 28 so to give plenty of opportunity for people so watch the previous and hopefully be excited bout the outcome. It was also a great time for me to start a new series making comments on real life football stories so if anyone was curious those are the reasons why I've not been quite as fast as normal in uploading.

    However, back on topic I happily present you the second and final part of Lincoln City's highlights in the FA Trophy. The audio for the first game is a bit crackly so feel free to skip to 2mins 56secs if it get too annoying where usual audio resumes (I don't know why my mic has a tantrum every now and again).

    I hope you enjoy how I have put the highlights together and I would enjoy feedback on how to improve for future reference.
    I think it was a very exciting competition and I hope I have given that feeling in the videos I have presented.
    There will be one or two league games after this episode in an attempt to win promotion and end season 2.
    But in the mean time here are those highlights and the last cup content for this season. Its episode 28: Football Manager 2013: Part 28 - FA Trophy Highlights #2 - YouTube

  39. It seems every time I post something new on here, I have to say sorry for my lack or regular updates and today is no different. However, this time I would like to make a special post as I have finally finished the regular season with Lincoln City.
    The video begins with 2 games remaining. Lincoln City & Stockport are the only teams left chasing the titled and are locked at 91 points. Lincoln boasts a commanding goal difference meaning we have to simply match or better Stockport's results to win the title and promotion to the Football League. But it's never that easy is it??
    Football Manager 2013: Part 29 - Champions? - YouTube

  40. Its been weeks in the making but I have a beta test of the news format I want to make my Football Manager videos in.
    It will be improved upon in the coming weeks based on feedback but I'm really glad to be back and I hope this is worth the wait.
    News Beta Test: Football Manager 2013 Series 2 Review - YouTube

  41. Ive decided to have a second try at a Sky Sports news style Football Manager episode. So with Lincoln City now back in the Football League I present a review of August with the first 5 games of the season against: AFC Wimbledon, Wycombe, Leyton Orient, Cheltenham & Torquay United. There is also Carling Cup action against Blackburn Rovers.
    Football Manager 2013 Part 31: News - August Monthly Review - YouTube

  42. I present another Football Manager episode in a News Conference style format. I review Lincoln City’s progress during September (in game) and reveal a couple of changes to the channel and how content will be revealed.
    I will be doing the news conference style every week or every other week but game highlights will now be full daily live games. Feedback is greatly appreciated on news features to bring into the news format to make it more fun for everyone.
    FM 2013: Part 32 - News. September Review & Channel Update - YouTube

  43. Ok so I've uploaded a recent sky sports new related video but here is a more informative video.
    I think i'm a little slow to start but I hope my approach will interest some of you and give you some pointers/advice which you can benefit from.
    Its part 33 where I update Lincoln's team and individual training: FM 2013: Part 33 - Team & Individual Training - YouTube

  44. Ok so here we go trying to do daily Football Manager 2013 videos.
    Starting with Lincoln vs Aldershot Town, an entertaining game with Turner impressing on goal. I hope you will find useful my analysis of teams before a game by looking at their table position and recent form to determine how to approach the opposition. Also I am now looking at my next opposition at the end of every video looking at their recent form etc to determine how to set match preparation training before each game.
    FM 2013: Part 34 - Lincoln City vs Aldershot Town - YouTube

  45. Ok so continuing with making daily videos, I am taking on Exeter after the good win against Aldershot, I have a look at Exeter's recent form and conclude that a slightly weakened side could still pull through with points, however, with three men injured and three still to return from playing with the under 21's, Lincoln has a skeleton squad to choose from.
    FM 2013: Part 35 - Lincoln City vs Exeter City - YouTube

  46. Ok so with the same paper thin squad Lincoln have to take on Dag & Red. I tried very hard to find out what date my players would return but couldn't find it so if anyone knows please inform me because it could be really useful in future.

    But yes with webster injured in the last game ive had to move henderson to the left and bore on the right. Couldn't really afford any injuries so i was hoping for a safe game rather than a result. Just a teaser I'm quite looking forward to tomorrow's game. The language is quite . . . colourful FM 2013: Part 36 - Lincoln City vs Dag & Red - YouTube

  47. Ok everyone I think I need your help, just released my latest video and it goes sooooooo wrong. I have my players back who were away on under-21 international duty, it was brilliant having a stronger squad to choose from but I cannot understand why we were beaten so badly. If any of you have advice on what happened please let me know as I would greatly appreciate it.

    From an entertainment perspective, if you like someone raging and swearing you will love this!
    FM 2013: Part 37 - Rhys Rages So Hard! - YouTube

  48. Ok so I've managed to produce a much better display today which has left me curious as to how much effect team talks really do have on the squad before a game. Ive always assumed it plays a part but I now fully believe that your team talks hold deep consequences for the game you are about to go into. If any of you know what else I may have done differently between this game and previously then please let me know. Hopefully back to winning ways with Lincoln:
    FM 2013: Part 38 - Lincoln City vs Port Vale - YouTube

  49. Things look to be getting back on track. This is my last game for October so I'm going to try and make my next part a sports news style video evaluating the month. Lincoln take on Fleetwood town and we have certainly missed Bagayoko. Any recommendations for the best formations to use when you have a number of injuries and/or a thing squad? Would be really useful to know for future reference. For now though I have lowered how hard the team trains from Heavy to average to try and protect my players and hope we can keep this squad healthy for the rest of the season.
    FM 2013: Part 39 - Lincoln City vs Fleetwood Town - YouTube

  50. I've decided to give viewers a big decision over where I continue in Football Manager with a special announcement at the end of a News format review. I hope that anyone who views will be interested in the power I have given you. I've introduced new features such as my player of the month and goal of the month. I hope this will also be useful at highlighting the potential of some players in league 2: FM 2013: Part 40 - October News Review & Special Announcement - YouTube

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