You can't win anything with kids?

  1. You can't win anything with kids?

    Hello Fellow Football Manager type peoples!!!

    I recently began doing the challenges on FM 13, after a mediocre performance in the first challenge (I think it's the relegation one...I saved Newcastle from the drop in the premier league finishing in 15th spot) I then won the championship with Blackburn Rovers in the Injury prone challenge (Blackburn,whilst suffering at the hands of Chicken farmer chairmen have a wealth of talent in their reserve squad, bit of a no brainer I know) I then did EVEN better in the Invincibles challenge with MY team Preston North End (the original Invincibles for all you Arsenal glory hunters out there. This was achieved even though my star striker Stewart Beavon had a 6 month injury, by simply playing a flat 5 across midfield and relying upon the mercurial talents of Akpo "8 goals in 5 games" Sodje). This achievement not only gave me the little unlocked achievement doo dad but it also landed me 134th on a list of 55.000 users this made me rather proud of myself! (I know I really should get out more) ANYWAY...Here's what I am wondering....

    In the final challenge "YOU CAN'T WIN ANYTHING WITH KIDS!" what would be the best league to aim for?

    I am once again tackling this challenge with Preston North End (as the kids are BY FAR the best players in my team and will play every week) the trophy I am looking to win is the Johnston's Paints trophy, Will this count? As it is a trophy and not a 'cup'.

    Secondly would being a conference team be a better bet as the 'kids' in question would form the back bone of the team, and (B) there is another non league cup to aim for (the FA Trophy) I think.

    And lastly, but by no means leastly....Would winning the Charity shield of European supercup with one of the 'big boys' be a quicker way of completing this challenge?

    Your knowledge and experiences on this matter would be GREATLY appreciated, as I don't want to have to suffer the penniless drudgery that is league one football with PNE only to discover that the JPT doesn't count!


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  2. Bloody kids?

    ok folks!!!

    update for you all....I finished the season with PNE top of league 1 (Just...I won it by goal difference phew I was certainly clenched there for a while!) and I also won the JPT so all in all a pretty successful season for the Nobbers! I passed the achievement, BUT, I now don't know if it was the JPT win or my performance in the league that swung it??? ANY WHO!!! I'm Glad I put my beloved PNE back where they belong, now to ditch some dead wood and sign Jesus, Elvis and Pele!!!!! COYW!!!!!!

  3. Need this explained to me?

    Hello again Everyone in FM Land....

    Just a quick further question for someone (anyone) to answer for me if they could....

    Having decided that I had,been too easy on myself in the first challenge, I re-started the 'avoid relegation challenge' to improve my score with League 2 Plymouth Argyle. Thinking if I could save them from relegation, then my score would surely be higher as I am in a lower league with little to NO finance and little to NO playing talent (NO OFFENCE TO ANY Argyle FANS OUT THERE!) this I did quite convincingly by ditching the 3 or 4 highly paid players and raiding the free transfers market for ageing world superstars (Namely Emile Mpenza) as well as bringing in a few choice youngster who can pass a ball.

    Now having fought back from a 15 point gap this time, (last time with Newcastle was 10 points) I managed the respectable position of 15th, which I thought would be easily a better score than that I achieved at Newcastle, SADLY THIS WASN'T THE CASE?

    Can anyone explain the games scoring system to me
    , as I felt sure my latest effort would of reaped better rewards than it has done.

    ..I feel rather cheated really!

  4. Do u think this mode of the game is good and entertaining?

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  5. Is there a secret to the Invincibles or something because I tried it with Celtic (yes, Celtic) and promptly lost the first match even with a 5 man defence?

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