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Financial Storm, howto achieve?!

  1. Financial Storm, howto achieve?!

    Hey Gang

    I struggle find a way to win the "Financial Storm" challenge. I tried a couple of teams, sell the best players though i still get bancrupt at the end of january/first month. I even fail, if i have a positive wage budget after a couple of days.

    I doubt that even selling the whole team would be enough to get rid of all the financial loans.

    Do you have an hints for me, how i could "measure" if my balance is good enough to win this challenge?!

    Thanks for any tips,


  2. Do well in the cups. If you do well in champions league group stage you can come away with 8m+

  3. Hmm ... My games started always in january ... Got to check this.

    Thanks for the hint,


  4. I've tried this with 4 different clubs and have got no where the closest I got to the end of the season was with Liverpool, I have therefore given up on it for now.

  5. Finally completed this challenge using Norwich City even managed to qualify for the Euro Cup. The key is the wage bill get that out of the red and met your board's aim for the season and you are sorted. Note you do not need to get rid of all your top players, look in the reserves for playrs who are wanted by others try to sell them for a little more than they are worth. As long as the wage bill is in the black and you met expectatons you should do ok.
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