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The Blue Square N/S Challenge
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  1. The Blue Square N/S Challenge

    The Blue Square N/S Challenge-blue-sq-bet-logo.jpg

    A basic challenge, get a team from the Blue Square Bet North or South to the Premier League in 10 Seasons. I am doing it with Chester FC and you can follow my progress by subscribing to my YouTube Channel by clicking this:

    Feel free to post who you are attempting the challenge with and your progress season by season

  2. I suppose i could do this challenge - just started a game on the Demo with Bath City. Will see how I feel when i get the full game (whenever that might be!)

  3. Luis Aragones Legacy's Avatar Luis Aragones Legacy
    Real Madrid and Iron Maiden, both forever First Team
    one of the several challenges that I 'll try this year thanks to FMC, but only to premier league no to chamions league

  4. Will join this challenge when i get this game

  5. Starting this with Gloucester

  6. Doing this with Tonbridge. Frannie Collin is fantastic

  7. Doing this with Eastleigh. Promoted from BSS in first season.
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  8. Doing this with Workington Reds, did it on FM12 and made the champions league final within 15years. Best Challenge yet!!!

  9. does it count if i use hereford ? only one league above ?

  10. Chester FC for European Glory

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