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FM-Base Money Bags Challenge

  1. FM-Base Money Bags Challenge


    The Challenge:

    Take control of the newly formed FM-Base team who have replaced Truro in the Blue Square South and lead them to domestic and european glory.

    Budgets and Facilities:

    Balance = £900,000,000
    Transfer Budget = £500,000,000
    Wage Budget = £5,000,000
    Stadium = 200,000 all seater with retractable roof.
    State of the Art Youth and Training Facilities.

    You will start off with no players or staff.

    Updates and Screenshots

    At the End of each season could you please fill out the following template and post the following screenshots.

    Final Position:
    Average Attendance:
    Biggest Win:
    Biggest Defeat:
    Top Goalscorer:
    Most Assists:
    Highest Average Rating:
    Fans Player of the Year:

    Final League Table
    Season Transfers
    Season Best XI

    Good Luck and Enjoy the Challenge...
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails FM-Base Money Bags Challenge-game_-_untitled-game__-game-add-new-manager.png  
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  2. Might have a little crack at this tonight for a laugh, see how it goes. I'm sick of being in the editor, so need a break.

  3. This seems interesting. Going to have a go at it just now but however i will strugle to find staff as i never really concentrate on that part of the game.
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  4. so glad to see this up

  5. sweet, defo gonna give this a try

  6. Can anyone make Jerome Sinclair

  7. cant get this to work, when i download it do i just put it in the games folder? or should there be something else i should be doing. any help would be appreciated. thanks in advance.

  8. Excuse me you will FIND that Truro City have been saved , therefore have not been replaced.

  9. Quote Originally Posted by Mikeyburnsey View Post
    Excuse me you will FIND that Truro City have been saved , therefore have not been replaced.
    I know they have been saved mate, I just replaced them as they were the team with the lowest reputation in the Blue Square South.

  10. Just downloaded, should be a good challenge

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