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FM Prediction

  1. FM Prediction

    I am here to tell you about a new series I am going to be doing on FM Base! I have made my own database with the following:

    Microsoft Premier League
    Google Championship
    Google League 1
    Google League 2

    Yahoo Cup
    Virgin Cip

    Basically all I want you to do is put in your predictions for each weeks games. I will select 8 games: 2 from each league, and tell you all the stats you need to know about the teams playing!

    First I will tell you all the teams in each league.

    (Sorted by media prediction)
    Microsoft Premier League:
    1st - Manchester City
    2nd - Barcelona
    3rd - Paris Saint-Germain (PSG)
    4th - Real Madrid
    5th - Manchester United
    6th - Chelsea
    7th - Bayern Munich
    8th - Juventus
    9th - Inter Milan
    10th - AC Milan
    11th - FC Porto (FCP)
    12th - Arsenal

    Google Championship:
    1st - Athletico Madrid
    2nd - Corinthians
    3rd - SL Benfica (SLB)
    4th - Liverpool
    5th - AS Roma
    6th - Sao Paulo
    7th - Lyon
    8th - Schalke 04
    9th - Sporting Lisbon
    10th - Valencia

    Google League 1:
    1st - Flamengo
    2nd - Tottenham Hotspurs (Spurs)
    3rd - Borussia Dortmund
    4th - Marseille (OM)
    5th - Werder Bremen
    6th - Santos
    7th - Bayer Leverkusen
    8th - Fluminense
    9th - Napoli
    10th - Zenit St. Petersburg

    Google League 2:
    1st - Shakhtar Donetsk
    2nd - Vfb Stuttgart
    3rd - Hamburger (HSV)
    4th - Sevilla
    5th - Vasco da Gama
    6th - Athletic Bilbao (Athletic Club)
    7th - Udinese
    8th - Fiorentina

    Ok, now down to business. These are the first fixtures for you guys to predict! I will give you 24 hours after the fixtures are posted! The week 1 fixtures will be posted in the next comment! Right now you could predict the winners of the competions! Ok, good luck and have fun!

    Point System:

    2 points - Predict a team score correct
    (Example: Prediction- Roma 2 Vs 1 Barcelona....Result- Roma 0 Vs 1 Barcelona)

    5 points - Predict a correct result
    (Example: Prediction- Roma 2 Vs 1 Barcelona....Result- Roma 3 Vs 2 Barcelona)

    7 points - Predict a correct team score and result
    (Example: Prediction- Roma 2 Vs 1 Barcelona....Result- Roma 2 Vs 0 Barcelona)

    10 points - Predict 2 teams scores correct
    (Example: Prediction- Roma 2 Vs 1 Barcelona....Result- Roma 2 Vs 1 Barcelona)
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  2. Week 1

    Microsoft Premier League:

    (WDWD)Barcelona Vs FC Bayern Munich(WDDWW) Odds: Home-Evens Draw-11/5 Away-11/5
    (WWWW)Man Utd Vs Juventus(WWWWW) Odds: Home-Evens Draw-11/5 Away-11/5

    Google Championship

    (WDWWW)Lyon Vs SLB(WWWWW) Odds: Home-2/1 Draw-11/5 Away-1/2
    (WLLWD)Sporting Vs Roma(WDWD) Odds: Home-11/5 Draw-11/5 Away-Evens

    Google League 1

    (LDWD)Tottenham Vs Dortmund(WLWL) Odds: Home-11/5 Draw-Evens Away-11/5
    (WLWL)Flamengo Vs Zenit(DWWW) Odds: Home-Evens Draw-11/5 Away-11/5

    Google League 2

    No games this week

    Get predicting!

  3. Week 1 Prediction:

    Premier League:
    Barcelona 3 vs Bayern 1
    United 2 v Juventus 2

    Lyon 1 v SLB 0
    Sporting 0 v Roma 3

    League 1:
    Tottenham 1 v BVB 3
    Flamengo 0 v Zenit 2

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    is it possible to upload this so we can download it ?
    i like the sound of this one

  5. Well glad that you continued this!

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