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Is this the saddest challenge around?

  1. Is this the saddest challenge around?

    I always like to play one really long save when i play fm. but no matter how successful i am at my current club i always find myself wanting to leave for the next one. I don't know why but i am obsessed with learning as many languages as i can!!!! There is absolutely no point to it! Anyone else have a weird and completely pointless challenge?

  2. I have a thing for trying to turn as many players into staff as possible, whether tehy were any good as a player or not and often get them to the point where they say that sounds like a great idea I could start right away if you want, select yes then end up releasing them without playing them much after that.

  3. how many languages can you learn?

  4. Learn as many as you want! My max was 8 (not including english) but i was trying to play the game properly.

  5. Start with main nationality as Dutch or Belgian & 2nd nationality as Brazilian or Portuguese you should have around 6 languages to start of with.

  6. I also heard when you get Swiss nationality, you also get a bunch of languages.
    (although this is kinda off-topic on the main title)

  7. swiss would give you german, italian and french

  8. start with a South African nationality and you get four languages, English, Afrikaans, Zulu and Sesotho
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  9. After 3 seasons playing FMC i realise you cant see what languages you can speak!!! Booooo

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