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Blue Square South to Premier League Challenge

  1. Blue Square South to Premier League Challenge

    Hey there Football Manager lovers.

    So once 2013 was released I was downloading it the first night I had it and instantly began my favourite career challenge, get a team from the Blue Square North/South to the Premier League.

    In the end I chose Dover Athletic and having caught a bit of the Youtube bug, I started recording my games and editing in the interesting bits on the hope of entertaining everyone.

    I'm hoping some of you can check it out (give me a few episodes to get better as I feel 4 episodes in I'm just getting the hang of commentating haha).

    I would love all sorts of advice on interesting things you think I should talk about, good formations for these lower leagues, any signings some of you may know from in these leagues, basically anything that can help me get up the leagues to the exciting bits as fast as possible.

    I'm playing this completely legit and really hoping to build on what I've started and create something really fun us FM fans would enjoy seeing.
    If you do want to check it out the current playlist link is :

    Thanks for taking the time to read this and any constructive advice you are willing to give me.
    Cheers guys

  2. I got some fantastic comments from a youtuber named Civilopedian in my 2nd episode Dover vs Bath :
    He asked for more time devoted to showing tactics and strategies. It was brilliant to get some feedback so I will be starting my next episode (part 5) with a breakdown of how I try to get my team to work.
    It was very encouraging to get this feedback so I hope it is the start of more to come from all of you.
    Many thanks guys

  3. The views coming in have been incredible so thank you to any of you who have been checking out my links, I'm still getting positive feedback as well which is awesome.
    In part 3: I am attempting to get my team out of a bit of a slump of draws & defeats. The only way I could think of changing their fortunes was through a formation change. What do you guys think are the best ways to keep encouraging your players when you are in challenge mode and have no access to team talks during games?
    Still hope you can all continue to comment and help me out

  4. The views continue it's incredible. Thank you so much guys! We are all overwhelmed at the interest we are getting.
    In part 4: Football Manager 2013: Part 4 - Dover vs Dorchester - YouTube I go through some last min team tactics to take on the league leaders! Does anyone out there have a recording of them taking on league leaders with a result they are proud of?
    I've prepared my part 5 video which is a big thank you to you all and an in depth look into my strategies and tactics. Part 6 will return to Football action where we participate in the FA Trophy.
    As always your comments are appreciated and with January approaching (in game), if anyone knows good signings at this level, I would love to look into your suggestions

  5. As mentioned before, Part 5 I had prepared is now available on Youtube: Football Manager 2013: Part 5 - Tactics & Strategies - YouTube
    I go in as much depth as I can in challenge mode talking all about my strategies, tactics and just overall how I like my teams to play and how I want them to react to different situations. I have also introduced a back up 4-4-2 diamond system in case my 4-5-1 fails which is inspired by the team I support Norwich City and their success with the diamond formation whilst getting promoted to the Premier League.
    Currently editing my FA Trophy match for part 6 which I hope to release before the end of the week.
    Hope the series still interests you guys

  6. Having wrapped up my Strategies & Tactics video, I've moved on back to Dover Athletic action in the FA Trophy Football Manager 2013: Part 6 - Dover vs Herne Bay - YouTube This was against a very stubborn Herne Bay side. Such was the surprise they gave us its my longest video yet however if you watch it you'll see why.
    As all of my £5,000 summer budget has already been spent, I intend to rest players to field my strongest side for cup games in an attempt to bring in as much revenue as possible. Anyone got any advice for surprise tactics in cup games?

  7. Time to get my home town team Bromley to the Prem! Lets do this!

  8. Hello everyone I have been working on my Football Manager series for a few weeks now and I must say for the most part I am very happy with my start to life with Dover Athletic. Having really enjoyed my time thoroughly creating this YouTube journey I have just released part 7 to my playlist.

    The responses my team & I have received are incredible. Although we aren’t in the thousands like we all dream of, the feedback and advice has been awesome. We have loved hitting the three digit barrier with most videos and it really encourages me to continue working hard and hopefully bringing success in game and to you guys.

    I hope it continues for a long time to come and I hope we can all have a great time working together. I would always love at any stage your opinions on: players to look out for at this level, specifics tactics and strategies you adopt for these lower leagues, ways to encourage players in FM2013 Challenge Mode.

    For my full playlist please see:
    v=M_u_mlf9Ce4&list=PLOP3uWGrWXbff_9_4ja2xqv9Zk4kQt nWU&feature=mh_lolz

    For any of you who may be reading this for the first time here is a recap on my adventure so far:

    Part 1: Zero to Hero - Football Manager 2013 - Zero To Hero - YouTube
    Introducing myself to the Football Manager community, I play against Farnborough in my first game on YouTube.

    Part 2: Dover vs. Bath - Football Manager 2013: Part 2 - Dover vs Bath - YouTube
    In Dover’s 7th game of the season we take on Bath in an attempt to continue an unbeaten start to the season. We also receive some incredible comments.

    Part 3: Dover vs. Billericay - Football Manager 2013: Part 3 - Dover vs Billericay - YouTube
    An iffy patch leaves Dover needing to rediscover form facing a team whose name I cannot pronounce. We look into ways to encourage the team before taking on the League Leaders.

    Part 4: Dover vs. Dorchester - Football Manager 2013: Part 4 - Dover vs Dorchester - YouTube
    Straight after the game with Billericay, Dover face the current League Leaders Dorchester in a bid to narrow the gap at the top of the table.

    Part 5: Tactics & Strategies - Football Manager 2013: Part 5 - Tactics & Strategies - YouTube
    After being requested, I go into full depth of all the tactics & strategies I try to use in FM 2013. I also explain my choices for using back up formations and generally how I try to get my teams to play.

    Part 6: Dover vs. Herne Bay - Football Manager 2013: Part 6 - Dover vs Herne Bay - YouTube
    I return to football action in the FA Trophy. It is my hopes to succeed in this competition to bring in more funds to use on transfers in the short and long term future.

    Part 7: December League & Cup Action - Football Manager 2013: Part 7 - December League & Cup Action! - YouTube
    As an apology for my longer than usual gap between uploading episodes I treat you to 2 games. The congested period shows both games played in about 4 days as I fight at the top of the table and play the 2nd round of the FA Trophy.

  9. I just started this with my local team Weston-Super-Mare lol. Needed a challenge and this will definitely be one. Tried a few years ago, got them into BSP but got stuck in mid-table until i got bored of the save. Won a couple friendlies so far against Wrexham and some other non-league side, but had a heavy 6-0 loss to Stoke reserves lol. need to get more familiar with the team before trying out different tactics, and try get some decent young players on loan.

  10. doing this same thing but with boreham wood, just got into the BSP!!

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