FM-Base verses the World Challenge
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  1. FM-Base verses the World Challenge

    The Challenge

    In this challenge you will take control of the newly formed FM-Base team and compete against the best 159 teams in world football, you will start in World League 9 and your aim will be to become World Premier League Champions.


    16 Team World Premier League
    16 Team World League 1
    16 Team World League 2
    16 Team World League 3
    16 Team World League 4
    16 Team World League 5
    16 Team World League 6
    16 Team World League 7
    16 Team World League 8
    16 Team World League 9

    There are 4 promotion and relegation places between each league.

    160 Team World Champions League

    16 Groups of 10 Teams with top 2 from each group qualifying for knockout stage.

    All compations have very competitive prize money.

    All 160 teams have the following:

    Reputation 10000
    Bank Balance £800,000,000
    Transfer Budget £500,000,000
    Wage Budget £5,000,000
    State of the Art Youth and Training Facilities

    If there is alot of interest in this challenge I will add a scoring system and leaderboard.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails FM-Base verses the World Challenge-game_-_untitled-game__-game-add-new-manager.png   FM-Base verses the World Challenge-will-walton_-news-inbox.png   FM-Base verses the World Challenge-will-walton_-news-inbox-2.png  

    FM-Base verses the World Challenge-world-champions-league_-overview-profile.png   FM-Base verses the World Challenge-world-champions-league_-overview-rules.png   FM-Base verses the World Challenge-world-league-1_-overview-profile.png  

    FM-Base verses the World Challenge-world-league-1_-overview-rules.png   FM-Base verses the World Challenge-world-league-2_-overview-profile.png   FM-Base verses the World Challenge-world-league-2_-overview-rules.png  

    FM-Base verses the World Challenge-world-league-3_-overview-profile.png   FM-Base verses the World Challenge-world-league-3_-overview-rules.png   FM-Base verses the World Challenge-world-league-4_-overview-profile.png  

    FM-Base verses the World Challenge-world-league-4_-overview-rules.png   FM-Base verses the World Challenge-world-league-5_-overview-profile.png   FM-Base verses the World Challenge-world-league-5_-overview-rules.png  

    FM-Base verses the World Challenge-world-league-6_-overview-profile.png   FM-Base verses the World Challenge-world-league-6_-overview-rules.png   FM-Base verses the World Challenge-world-league-7_-overview-profile.png  

    FM-Base verses the World Challenge-world-league-7_-overview-rules.png   FM-Base verses the World Challenge-world-league-8_-overview-profile.png   FM-Base verses the World Challenge-world-league-8_-overview-rules.png  

    FM-Base verses the World Challenge-world-league-9_-overview-profile.png   FM-Base verses the World Challenge-world-league-9_-overview-rules.png   FM-Base verses the World Challenge-world-premier-league_-overview-profile.png  

    FM-Base verses the World Challenge-world-premier-league_-overview-rules.png  

  2. can't even load countries to start

  3. Quote Originally Posted by higgybaby View Post
    can't even load countries to start
    sorry mate I should have said you only need to load Liectenstein

  4. god this looks amazing I only have 2 questions: Can you change the currency in euros? and also are there other cups except for the champions league (eg FA Cup, League Cup, Johnstone's Paint Trophy)?
    thanks though I can't wait to get it started!!!!!

  5. I'm gonna start this right away.

  6. How can i download this on a mac

    tried to and it just opens an online xml document!

  7. You can't sign any high-profilic players since all clubs rep is set to 10.000. That means that you can only find players that are willing to join your club, if they're "not playing in liectenstein".
    This is impossible.

  8. can you tell me if the euros are available or is it only pounds?? thanks

  9. why you didnt put any croatian team?

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