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Gerd Muller / Lionel Messi Challenge

  1. Gerd Muller / Lionel Messi Challenge

    I was thinking of a pretty cool challenge today as I looked back at my Football Manager 2012 last save with Arsenal and I had a pretty amazing regen striker from Spain. I wanted to see how good he is compared to some of today's greats and immediately thought of the record for most goals in a calendar year. It turns out my striker scored 87 goals in a calendar year during the last season I played in that save. I was wondering how many of you have had strikers break that record.

    Post here your player name, his goals in a calendar year, his age and any other stats you might think that are relevant. You must count them up yourself though by going through your games played and finding who scored what goals and adding them all up.

    Please no using corner cheats or anything like that.

  2. had yaya sanogo back in fm 11 score nearly a 100 goals a season.. for like 7 or 8 seasons consecutively... not really hard mate, just use a match engine exploiter and even the shitest striker can score a bucket load. thats why i like fm 13, its much harder and more challenging.

  3. I'm not talking about in a season, I am talking about in a calendar year. Also if you would have read the entire post you would have noticed I said no corner cheats or anything like it.
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  4. ahhh sorry mate.. still yh if including calender year my sanogo probably scored 150 goals.. no corner glitch. but this was back in fm 11

  5. How can it be a corner cheat? It's a corner tactic that works efficiently

  6. Quote Originally Posted by MaximumPower View Post
    How can it be a corner cheat? It's a corner tactic that works efficiently
    It was a cheat because it exploited flaws in the ME which nearly always resulted in you scoring a goal. Would get your CB 20-30 goals a season just from corners.

    424 was a tactic that was slightly broken too, the ME couldn't deal with it which is why all the "best" formations used it allowing you to score 5-6 a game fairly easily.

  7. Luckily we seem to be over all of that now.

    I'd like to think that any striker cannot get near 100 goals now, but thats just me.

  8. Yeah my strikers have not gotten close to even 40 goals in a season.

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