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The Global Free Agent Challenge

  1. The Global Free Agent Challenge

    Since noone else wants to do this in Editor, i decided to have a go.
    I've made it exacly like the challenge in FM12 but with more clubs.
    Link to FM12 challenge: The Global Free Agent Challenge

    I have decided to make a challenge where the clubs in the top leagues have no players. So everyone from these clubs are free agents. The leagues include: English Premier Division, La Liga, Serie A, Bundesliga, Ligue 1, Eredivisie, Portugese league, Russian League, Brazilian League, SPL and The Danish Superliga.

    The main challenge is to build a team from scratch, using free agents, and challenge for all the cups. But there are lots of smaller challenges which can develop from this, for example build the craziest squad! Everyone will start with 0 transfer budget and £1.5 million for wages.


    Key advice and tips for this challenge:
    - Every club starts with £1.5 million for wage, this should be more than enough if you spend wisely so dont go offering huge contracts to players. You dont need to buy every world class player someone like Carrick will work for any top team at half the wages.
    - Watch out for players who put match highest earner, try to remove this from their contract - trust me it helps!
    - Make sure you sign a few home grown players otherwise you wont be able to compete in the leagues. Also make sure you sign home grown players trained at the club if you are aiming for Champions League!
    - Create a tactic and make a list of players who you want to sign, trust me theres nothing more annoying when you sign all these players and you miss someone you really want!
    - Dont just sign first teamers, sign youngsters and reserve players.
    - Watch out for Chelsea they sign big players, on 1 account they signed Ronaldo and Rooney and on another they signed Messi and Ronaldo!
    - I recommend starting in June, it gives teams enough time to sign enough players! You dont have to do this but you might get unrealistic results for example Man United beat Bolton 9-2 and Arsenal beat Tottenham 6-2. Unless you are managing a team in Russia!
    - And dont forget to register the players!
    - Have fun and post screenshots of your team and how well you are doing in the league!
    A few people having being saying their team is full of regans you need to make sure the box 'Add players to playable leagues' is UNTICKED!

    This are just suggestions in helping you so dont feel as you have to follow every decision!
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  2. hey this seems really cool. I'll have a go as soon as I buy FM13. But at the moment I have FM12 and the file won't load. I have a Mac...

  3. I'm having some problems with this, but i'm still trying to make it work. Prob won't have time in next week tho.

  4. It's finally here. Just waiting for moderators to accept it.

  5. This will be the first thing I try when I get FM13!

  6. Cheers for trying to make it! Was going to make it anyway when I get FM 13 at Christmas. If you need help just message me.

  7. Looking Forward to this, can't wait for the file to come up

  8. File is still in moderation queue.

  9. how long do u think it'll take??

  10. Well i'm not a moderator and i haven't uploaded anything onto here before. So i have no idea.

    But i can tell you that i'm enjoying the database. I've signed players like Mignolet, Djourou, Sebastian Larsson, Obi Mikel, Dzagoev, Muniain and LLORENTE with a danish side called OB.
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