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Pass the Parcel 2013
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  1. Pass the Parcel 2013

    Some of you may remember the Pass the Parcel game I did earlier in the year, for 2013 I want it to run even longer and more successfully. I want to use a team outside of BPL, Bundesliga, BBVA, Serie A and see how far we can take our managerial careers. I need 4 dedicated players and when we've got the sign ups we'll decide where we start our career. I'm aiming to start by the 1st of January.

  2. I'm definitely in if i'm welcome

  3. count me in 100% recon should make a story as well so the player currently on writes about their 6 months???

  4. add me as a friend on steam saulabbiss8

  5. Yesss! I'll do it!!

  6. Only need one more then! I'm up for making a story, not every manager has to write loads, just as long as everyone else is updated. Now we need to decide on a team - I like the idea of a side like Chivas or Santos as I've never managed in South America, what do you guys think?

  7. Hmmm, i might go with PSV, FC Twente, Anderlecht or Rangers...

  8. How about Antwerp as another option? It will be a challenge but we've got Man U as a parent club

  9. perhaps.. just read your last one, i understand it now
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  10. should we do a vote?

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