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The David and Goliath Challenge

  1. The David and Goliath Challenge

    The David and Goliath Challenge-veikkaus-david-goliath-small-88744.jpg

    Hi guys I have an interesting challenge for you.You can name some small clubs from big football cities.For example Madrid,London,Paris,Lisbon,Munich etc. The idea is for the city to already have a big club (or clubs),but you to start from a small one from the lower divisons and try to surpass the giants

    - Lisbon clubs - Lisbon Football Association - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    - London clubs - Category:Football clubs in London - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    - Paris clubs - Category:Football clubs in Paris - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    - Madrid clubs - Category:Football clubs in Madrid - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    - In Munich you have TSV 1860 Munchen or SpVgg Unterhaching

    The challenge includes
    The upset - beat the bigger club
    In your face - finish ahead of your rival in the league
    Steal the youth - produce better youth players
    Win more titles than your rival has

    You can name other big cities where there is a major club and lower division one. Enjoy the challenge
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  2. About to start a save with Paris FC. Will take a while but I'll try to do my first story too

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