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The Bpl Star Player Challenge

  1. The Bpl Star Player Challenge

    This is my first go at making a challenge, so sorry if its a bit 'below average'

    Aim Of The Challenge
    The Aim Of this challenge is to buy one star player from each team of the Barclays Prem.
    There will be 2 star players from each team.
    There will be a list below.

    - No cheating.
    - You can offer players out, but not on loan.
    - You Can start as a mega-rich club.
    - You will feel better if you use a lower club.
    - You can resell the players
    - Have fun

    The List

    Barclays Premier League

    Arsenal - Szczesny & Wilshere
    Aston Villa - Bent & Agbonlahor
    Chelsea - Hazard & Torres
    Everton - Jelavic & Jagielka
    Fulham - Ruiz & Berbatov
    Liverpool - Suarez & Gerrard ( If Gerrard not possible, Lucas)
    Man City - Aguero & Tevez ( If One or neither possible, then Richards & Nasri or Silva)
    Man Utd - Nani & Rooney ( If not possible, then Valencia & Evra)
    Newcastle Utd - Cabaye & Cisse
    Norwich - Holt & Hoolahan
    QPR - M'Bia & Granero
    Reading - Kebe & Le Fondre
    Southampton - Ramirez & Lallana
    Stoke - Crouch & Huth
    Sunderland - Larsson & Sessegnon
    Swansea - Michu & Vorm
    Spurs - Parker & Bale
    West Brom - Long & Olsson
    West Ham - Diame & Maiga
    Wigan - Kone & McCarthy

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    Newcastle United and Aberdeen Modern Day Legend
    Nice idea but the problem is "your" star player may differ to others - ie I think Yohan Cabaye is Newcastle's best player by a long way yet you limit peeps to Ba and Cisse.

    I would put McCarthy ahead of Di Santo
    Crouch ahead of Jones
    Lallana ahead of Rodriguez
    Berbatov for Fulham surely
    Wilshere for Arsenal?????????

    Not a criticism just pointing out that everyone has different opinions so it is hard to start a challenge such as this

  3. Ummm,
    I understand where your coming from, but it was my first challenge.
    I tried to make a list for everyone but i forgot about:

    Ba's release clause
    Berbatov signed for fulham

    So sorry about that, anyone willing to try?
    If not, i understand

  4. i don't understand how you could afford to buy 20 players?

  5. not in one season, a long save. If they retire then either sign them as coaches or just dont sign them.
    sorry for not making that clear.

  6. What about everyone who attempts it submits their list first.

  7. yeah good idea MaximumPower.
    Adding this to challenge, thank you alot.
    You now get some credit for challenge YAY

  8. The idea sounds interesting to me but I agree with what klippybo said. For example, why did you pick Nani ahead of van Persie? Or why is Szczesny a star player even though Arsenal are rumored to be looking for a new GK all the time? Or why is Fellaini not listed when he's clearly Everton's best player? Or has he already left for Chelsea?

    How about choosing the two players from each PL club that have the highest value at the beginning of the game?
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  9. Yeah, I think i might just do that tbh i should have checked.
    Thanks for advice Mancunian

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