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  1. Unlockables

    How do I get to the unlockables on FM Classic?

  2. You have to earn them.

  3. or buy'em

  4. I don't think you can unlock them until the actual game comes out, same with buying them.

  5. you can earn them, but not use them before the game comes out. I have earned a few already

  6. havent played FMC yet, what kind of unlockables are there?

  7. Unsackable, Get your son into football, etc.
    Does anyone know if you buy the cheat will it be active for all FMC games or just that one?

  8. Do you have the ability to turn unlockables off?

  9. Yeah you should do.

  10. Is it normal to pay again for certain unlockables that I used in some saves?

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