FMC2013 and smaller club tranfers

  1. FMC2013 and smaller club tranfers

    Hey yall-
    Just wanted to ask around about this- I've only been playing FM since 2012, and pretty much stuck to playing Newcastle. With FM2013 out, I figured I'd mess around with some smaller/more out-of-the-way clubs, and I like the generally speediness of classic, but even getting in the door transfer-wise with smaller clubs (or bigger clubs in smaller leagues) is just insane. Ex: Carlos Fierro, who is at cash-strapped Chivas, is valued in-game at 75k or so, but I'm offering literally 10 times that and not even getting a negotiated offer when I'm playing Fenerbahce or Dinamo Kiev. Same with a bundle of other players, including less-touted youngster. Not only that, but hardly any free transfers will even try negotiating a contract with me. Not having tried many small clubs in fm2012, I'm not sure if this is normal or a feature/bug/out-of-whack-algorithm in the beta- is this sort of thing typical for other people? Feels like I've got 15m pounds sitting in the budget and nobody will come play for me...

  2. i have the smae problem ...

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