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Probably a stupid question...

  1. Probably a stupid question...

    ...but i'm going to ask anyway. In the 'positional abilities' window, where it shows all the positions a player can play and his effectiveness in each position. It also shows the roles he can play in that position and gives him a rating out of 5 stars. But I've noticed that for some players the stars are gold, where as on others have say 4 white/clear stars. Is it a rating system where white stars are worse than yellow stars? or am I just being stupid?

  2. Yup 1-5 silver then 1-5 gold.

  3. cheers, i'll avoid the silvers then 2bh I didn't see any until halfway through the season lol

  4. I believe silver is youth rating mate.
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  5. Correct, the silver rating is for youth players.

  6. ah right, so is say a youth 4 star better than a senior 2 star? or does it work that youth 5 star is still a little behind senior 1 star?

  7. I think it is a case of 5 silver < 1 gold. After 5 silver, the next rank is a gold rating.

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