second nationality not used

  1. second nationality not used

    hi everybody,

    my problem is that when I purchased a player with second nationality (Russian) since there is limitation of 7 foreigners of Russian league, the player suddenly considered foreigner! I don't understand why he is not using his second nationality. I'm trying hard to locate players with dual nationalities and the game is not giving the advantage of using this player as a local. I experienced this another time also in the same game when I had been informed from a foreigner player (that I already had in my team) that he acquired the second nationality in order to help me reducing the foreigners. However after few games, this player converted back to his former original nationality.
    any suggestions?

  2. Any ideas anyone?

  3. If not originally Russian, he has to be eligible to play for Russia AND play at least one game for them. Then he will be considered Russian.

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