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    Hi, I'm playing the Classic mode and I do not understand most of the match plans for the instant play (when I need to play a match quickly due to having little time to play).

    I understand the obvious ones, like go for a win, go for a draw, settle for a draw or go for a big win, but I don't know what the rest mean.

    I'm a huge football fan, but english is not my native language so I'm not used to english football terms (I don't play it in my language, because I don't like translations, and tend to have everything in it's original language if possible).

    Thanks in advance!

  2. I would not worry about the default match plan settings. Set them up to suit your own tactic. Usually mine are basic unless drawing or losing in 70-90 minutes

  3. Instant Play

    To find out what each option does click on the drop down box that says [something like] copy one of the following... this will then identify all the steps within each of the alternatives

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