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Man Marking Question

  1. Man Marking Question

    Hi Guys.

    While playing FMC with my now league 2 Altrincham I have often had an opposition player absolutely boss the game and I have my ass. man tell me he needs Man Marking. Now obviously because you cannot set opposition instructions in FMC is there another way I can go about getting the player Man marked?

    Cheers for any help
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  2. gogogo golem
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    In the tactics screen go onto the player sub-tab and go advanced then where it says marking type put man and there will be another panel to mark a specific man if it's set to man marking. If you want him tight marked put that to yes as well.

  3. Much appreciated

    Thank You
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  4. marking

    Hi I don't see the panel to mark a specific player? i set to man mark and tight marking but can't set a specific player?? any ideas? thanks
    edit: it's ok found it, it comes up during a match, didn't look properly!!
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