Problem with match preparation training
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  1. Problem with match preparation training

    Hi, so nearly ten seasons in and i start losing all the time. I decide to change my match preparation as the assistant manager say we should focus on def set pieces. I do so and we still lose. So i go to change it to something different to find its not changed from its original set up. I have tried changing it a million times but as soon as i hit continue it reverts back to the old set up. I am playing FMC so there is no option to leave it to the assistant manager. Its now really ruining my game as i have gone from a very good team to a really poor team just because of this! Any ideas?

  2. I've got the same problem, I think it's a bug

  3. Yea same problem

  4. Annoying. Getting it from the start tho.

  5. Yes, I get this bug as well. I've tried this: if you adjust the settings on the training screen to how you want them, then save, it'll remember your settings and stop putting them back to "def set pieces".

  6. 3 seasons in to my new game and its happened again!!! Saving the game doesnt seem to work for me. Completely ruins the game.

  7. Got an update this morning but still the same. Needs sorting.

  8. I read in the latest update 13.2.1 that this was fixed but it is not on my saved game. Logged a call with swag. Not sure it will help

  9. I've had the same annoying problem, never happened to me before the patch?

  10. I am having the same problem. Think I will leave off playing until it gets fixed!

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