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FMC: Position Training

  1. FMC: Position Training

    Is their no option to retrain my players new positions in FMC or am I just blind?

  2. Not that I have seen but I found after a few seasons of playing balotelli as AMR he positioning went from competent to natural . So it can be progressed

  3. Playing players in unnatural positions will retrain them to new positions. I've also encountered players all of a sudden learning PPM after a few seasons. Don't know how to specify them though..
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    Also a late reaction from me. Training in FMC is compeletely different from normal FM. Retraining players position is indeed very simple. Just play players in unnatural position and they will train it rightaway. With PPM is it the same. Use a PPM in a tactic and the players will learn the PPM after (quite a long) period.

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