All Players Interested not unlocking...

  1. All Players Interested not unlocking...


    Ive won 20 cup competitions with Man City and it hasnt unlocked.

    Is it any 20 cup competitions or 20 seperate cup competitions from all around the world?

    Im not going to pay to unlock it, i'll just keep playig until I do!


  2. Thought I read somewhere that once its unlocked you need to enable somewhere also. I might be talking bollocks though

  3. You need to go into Settings and then Store, and unlock it from there - it'll be available, there won't be a cost for it if it has unlocked. You then apply to the game, and if playing through Steam, you have to be online in Steam to access the Store, otherwise you get an error.

  4. It had nothing to do with applying it, as i said, it wasnt unlocking. Turns out i was taking Winning the league as a cup comp. I unlocked it by winning champs league/super cup/domestic cup comps oer several seasons.

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