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Improvements for Football Manger 2013 match engine
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  1. Improvements for Football Manger 2013 match engine

    What do you think will enhance the match experience. I think these would:
    • Show manager and staff members on sideline
    • Players not as far apart on bench
    • Stretcher for injured players rather than them walking off
    • Ball boys, instead of having to wait for the player to walk to the ball and bring it back (very annoying)
    • Improve celebrations. Eg: scoring a late goal when behind and the player runs and grabs the ball to bring it back. Or scoring a late winner and player sprints to the side of the pitch followed by entire team and even subs or staff join in
    • Player scores an important goal and takes off his jersey and gets booked
    • Trophy presentation or even celebration when winning a competition because victory in competitions isnt reflected at all on the pitch. Perhaps a crowd invasion.
    • Central midfielders often miss simple CCCs due to having low finishing. In reality a midfielder would be very competent if presented with an easy opportunity.
    • CCCs should be easier to score but they should be slghtly less frequent
    • Crowd chanting teams name/Crowd chanting name of a player who has scored or has just done brilliantly in the past few minutes
    • Crowd booing a player who made a bad/cynical foul
    • Crowd booing a player who used to play for you but is now with a rival
    • Fourth official who holds up the board for substitutions
    • More handballs/diving/shirt pulling
    • Occasional fight or a player slapping or head butting an opponent and getting a five game ban or something
    • Penalties are missed more often than note, could be improved
    • Players rounding the goalkeeper more often
    • Keepers getting sent off occassionaly for bringing down a player (Never happens!)
    • Player numbers on back of jerseys
    • Improve/More variation to the commentary
    Well they're my ideas. Any opinions?

  2. Players need to be better about getting onside after taking corners and wingers need to quit just dribbling the ball out of play resulting in a free kick for the opponent.

    I'd prefer to see them fix flaws in the actual game rather than add any of the aesthetic aspects you're mentioning.

  3. for me I would like them to improve supporters, give them a different behaviour in different regions for example in most of the countries they have "Ultras" and fire up lots of flares and in England for example there are fans chanting but no flares and no ultras, I would love to see more improvements to the fans and there are many awesome ideas that 55dctg55 mentioned, like trophy presentation and that.
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  4. long shots and free kicks are way too inaccurate in the game. they need to change it
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  5. Quote Originally Posted by 55dctg55 View Post
    • Improve celebrations. Eg: scoring a late goal when behind and the player runs and grabs the ball to bring it back.
    I'm pretty sure that I've seen this happen on FM 2012 a few times...

    Apart from that I agree with most of the points, especially the ball boys one
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  6. agree with ball boys cause it wastes time ehn they fetch it, it would be better though if they just made it more realistic in matches like they wouldnt dribble it out, they would sometimes round keeper, etc

  7. the rate at with strikers with 20 in finishing mmiss one on ones

  8. A HUGE flaw in FM12 is that my keeper gets red carded too often. How? He comes to catch the ball outside the penalty area and gets red carded. There is no pressure at all yet he comes at the edge of the box to get the ball.

  9. Good thinking, couldn't agree more. Especially to this

    "CCCs should be easier to score but they should be slghtly less frequent"

    if my striker with 18+ finishing and composure misses 3 CCCs in a game, then I don't know what I could do more.
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  10. What about hearing the commentators.
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