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What Team Should I Be?

  1. Quote Originally Posted by Joshdavies33 View Post
    I need a challenge,

    either rebuilding a team, fallen giant or anything else open to suggestions


  2. don't do the Portsmouth challenge. There's no chance to save them.

  3. Quote Originally Posted by skyfall View Post
    don't do the Portsmouth challenge. There's no chance to save them.
    Just started a save with them, to prove you wrong

  4. Ok, looking forward to see your results

  5. Max's Avatar MaxPremium Member
    Premium Member
    Quote Originally Posted by skyfall View Post
    don't do the Portsmouth challenge. There's no chance to save them.
    Ah pretty straight forward after the first season to be fair! Can bring in your own players and finances sort themselves out quite alot, just gotta be careful and clever

  6. looking to do a final save using lfc update will be starting it 2moz as its has all the deadline day moves im not really bothered wat country but it must have money to improve on team on maybe key players / youth and facilitates hope to have ideas of u all

  7. Quote Originally Posted by OoSt View Post
    Hey guys I'd like a challenge in the norwegian, danish or swedish leagues
    Any suggestions?
    Can be a top team or a team that needs to be rebuilt from the ground
    Elfsborg, with CL football.

  8. hey guys im looking to start a long term save in europe where i manage in a low level country to try and improve the national team. a similar challenge to the san marino challenge but i want the country to have their own division so i can improve the nation as a whole. does anyone have any advice on what country to start at.

  9. Quote Originally Posted by jarti66 View Post
    Elfsborg, with CL football.
    Cheers man

  10. Anybody got a suggestion which my final save could be,looking for something diffrent with a challenge apart from the usual big teams.
    thanks lads

  11. Quote Originally Posted by steff_fae_larky View Post
    Anybody got a suggestion which my final save could be,looking for something diffrent with a challenge apart from the usual big teams.
    thanks lads
    Rayo Vallecano, Portsmouth, Pescara or Havant & Waterlooville !

  12. hmm yeh il consider them all

  13. I'm on LFC's latest update, looking for a good last game on this FM,

    A team with potential, a bit of money (not loads) , not premier league.

  14. Looking for abit of a challenge, looking for a team that....

    have good youth set up
    in qual rounds for either europa or champ league
    good potential to become a top team within 5 years

  15. Looking to be a lower league team in England. (League 1, Championship etc). Team should have a bit of money (for a lower leagues standard) nice ground. Generally just a nice club who have the potential to go far.

  16. I've always found FC Energie Cottbus to be a good team to manage. Bundesliga 2.

  17. Hello
    Can i get some teams suggestions

    I want a team with a great youth set up which are in a top division in one of the biggest leagues
    It needs to be a outside of top 6 pushing for euro league with decent money but thats not important
    It needs a high preforming youth setup
    I have done Porto, Benfica, Arsenal, Borussia Monchengladbach, Atletico Bilbao and Schalke

  18. I found a few teams I'm interested in, can anyone help me decide from the bunch I've chosen?
    Atletico Madrid
    Real Sociedad

    Thanks for any help

  19. Looking to be a team in the Non League, just one last manager mode before FM 14 that I can try and take a team as far as I can, Thanks.

  20. If you have LFCs new transfer update Marseille, Atletico Madrid & Napoli are most likely the ones to challenge for a league title out of the teams you've suggested. Personally, I think a lot of people would have fun with Atletico. Relatively low transfer fund for CL competitors, but solid starting 11 with decent depth. As well as very talented youth and fantastic youth academy for long term success.
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  21. currently England's manager and played 7 games and not lost won 3 drawn 4 and the championship has just finished and Bolton have sacked there manager having finishing in 20th place (shock of my game) and they've approached me and don't know whether to join and bring in young English players for future England stars while i still manage England or to just keep managing England and decline Bolton.

    thnx in advance

    edit: dont know if this will you you but the financial status is insecure
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  22. Hi all, im looking for a team to make a story with, any recommendations?
    About what team would you like to see story on this forum?

  23. I want a team who isn't the best in the league but still one of the good teams (4,5,6 media prediction). A resonable transfer budget (something like 25 million euros a season) with a nice stadium (at least 30 000) and some hot young players for the future. Also I want the team to have some good players already so I can build the team around them or maybe sell them for a lot of money. I want a team with tradition and reputation, not a team built over night by lots of money and super starts, that's a NO. Any recomandation ? I think Bayer Leverkusen ?

    Edit : I play with Marshall LFC summer update.

  24. Tottenham? Great young team! Money, good youthsystem, Great stadium

  25. I want to play a last game on fm13, before I start with fm14, but I have no idea who to start with. I prefer to play now in France or England as I played most of the time in Spain (Barcelona, Sevilla, Villarreal, Murcia,...). It should be a mid-table team or a club who is underperforming. My first ideas were Bordeaux/Lyon or Everton, but I am not sure. Any ideas for an interesting save?

  26. Norwich

  27. The Swans or Leeds.

  28. I want to manage a team with decent money 15-25 million, have a good youth system and are just outside the "top" members of the division. Prefrably in Europe.

  29. Shaymen of Halifax's Avatar Shaymen of Halifax
    I would like to be a team in the Blue Square Bet North/South at the most, the regional/county divisions at the least. Looking for a fairly new club, anybody who aren't Chester are fine.

  30. fc halifax town brqdford park avenue

  31. I want to play a proper managers career, working your way up to the top. So i wont be staying at the team i start with, looking for a good team to start a career like this. Would like to try mid to lower table teams in Russia, Ukraine, Portugal, Greece, Turkey etc, think this would be less if Im already playing in a top league against the best, dont really want to do that from the start. also might make a story out of it. Ideas? Im open to a bit of editing.
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  32. Looking for a team with a decent wage budget and a good youth system. Don't really care about their transfer budget or league position, as long as they are not too good.

    Won't do Serie A due to their transfer rules, or Athletic Bilbao for the same reason. Wanted to do Getafe, but they cannot even afford a decent assistant manager, and for some reason they have no Under 19 players at the start of the game apart from the players they have out on loan.

    Teams I have enjoyed so far: Stade Rennais, As Saint-Etienne, and Hoffenheim.

  33. I haven't been able to get into a good, long career this year so far. I don't know whether I should be a top team as I might find this more fun. Does anyone know a fun career with a top team in Europe?

  34. Im soon sacked from ipswich so what team should i be. Prem or championship. Or france.
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  35. Pls answer! Im soon sacked from monaco so which team i should be! From france or england!

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