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Funny/Random things in FM2013

  1. Quote Originally Posted by Maggy View Post
    Hilarious own goal by John Arne Riise

    Excellent own goal by John Arne Riise - YouTube
    HA! Nice one! One of my players did that too once, but it was just an assisst

  2. I know its with barcelona against an utter .... team but neymar's 7 goals to messi's 0 made me giggle
    Funny/Random things in FM2013-barcelona-v-.-jes-s_-pitch-split.png

  3. calum1994's Avatar calum1994Premium Member
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    Funny/Random things in FM2013-fm.png Sure it's been seen before but it did make me chuckle a bit!

  4. Looks like the camera man got dug-in
    Name:  Screen shot 2013-04-22 at 8.33.41 PM.png
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  5. Click image for larger version

Name:	Alexander Lamb_ News Inbox.png
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  6. Funny/Random things in FM2013-untitled.png
    So DeGea got injured and i had no back up keeper so i played my centre back there and he got put in team of the week haha

  7. His dad won't be happyFunny/Random things in FM2013-2013-05-12_00001.jpg

  8. Yeah, he's like the worst captain ever.

    Funny/Random things in FM2013-liverpool-v-arsenal_-pitch-split.png

  9. I left Swansea yesterday because i was bored (3 legue titles, 2 CL wins in 4 years)

    My man rivals manager, Chelseas Moniz leaves and joins Swans, I take 6 months off and join San Lorenzo to trial something different. Hitting October and with the same tean Moniz has knocked them out of the CL, Each Cup and we're sitting 16th...

    Needless to say, Swans jumped at the chance to have me back, although SL weren't happy for me to want to leave two matches into my job...
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  10. So my new board agreed to build the club a new stadium (finished 22th October 2014), the old one's, well, old and on rent. 7th June 2014 I get the message my board plans to expand the stadium. Curious what's going to happen once the new stadium's built...

  11. what the hell is tekane doing? he is actually injuried and subbed out. Funny/Random things in FM2013-city-matlosana-fc-v-mp-black-aces_-untitled-pitch.png
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  12. Funny/Random things in FM2013-england-v-moldova_-overview-overview.png

    Never knew Peter Crouch was such a great goalscorer...
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  13. Funny/Random things in FM2013-trafaria-v-slb_-campo-completo.png

    Has this happened to somebody? In many years of FM, this was the first time. It remember me the old footie, without grass. It is very nice/funny to see
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  14. WTF just happened Click image for larger version

Name:	Marouane Fellaini_ Overview Private Chat.png
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Name:	Marouane Fellaini_ Overview Private Chat-2.png
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  15. Quote Originally Posted by jukilo View Post
    Attachment 342288

    Has this happened to somebody? In many years of FM, this was the first time. It remember me the old footie, without grass. It is very nice/funny to see
    Once in 12 where i did some weird friendlies
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  16. Quote Originally Posted by pompey forever99 View Post
    My conversations with the missus usually end up going like that

  17. Just had a player concerned that he isn't getting enough 1st team football and that he wants to go out on loan. Not surprised you've not been getting much action've been out injured for 3 months!

  18. Quote Originally Posted by iamauser View Post
    lol Thiago...

    Attachment 336805
    He's owning the Bundesliga, isn't he?

  19. Funny/Random things in FM2013-harry-price_-news-inbox-5.png

  20. Funny/Random things in FM2013-england-v-san-marino_-overview-overview.png

    He's at it again!?!??

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Name:	Alexander Lamb_ Overview Home.png
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    Every single one happened in training. Our training ground must look like a ****ing Final Destination film...
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  22. "Good crowd"...
    Funny/Random things in FM2013-good-crowd.png

  23. Funny/Random things in FM2013-lol.jpg

    only he left on bench, pre season game tho.. Gk made an assist

  24. Slovakia winning the world cup in 2014...

  25. Funny/Random things in FM2013-dortmund-v-inter_-pitch-full.png

    Advertising fail?

  26. Funny/Random things in FM2013-martin-spelmann_-overview-information.png
    so bad he can't play GK

  27. Apparently I applied to my own job advert.......

    Funny/Random things in FM2013-simon-blaney_-news-inbox-3.png
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  28. Funny/Random things in FM2013-european-champions-cup_-matches-fixtures-results.png

    Has anybody else noticed Celtic become amazing!? 6-1 JESUS CHRIST!

  29. Funny/Random things in FM2013-screen-shot-2013-05-26-09.21.37.png

    Yeah.....I think all 3 are asking for too much money?

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Name:	Semen Padang_ Overview Profile.png
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    Gotta love foreign leagues....
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  31. Ah, I put this in the editing message board instead of here. I replaced 'gashed leg' with a much more interesting injury in the editor:

    Funny/Random things in FM2013-paul-rockliffe_-news-inbox.png

  32. I don't know what is more surprising, England finishing third or San Marino not finishing last.

    Funny/Random things in FM2013-b2904c9d0.jpg

  33. After 180 days tutored by Giroud, he suddenly dropped his determine after I told him learn from Elmander. I guess that he find out Elmander and Giroud are couple and very dissappointed

  34. Erm...
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Funny/Random things in FM2013-erm....png  
    Last edited by FM Lect; 28/07/2015 at 01:53 PM.
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  35. Funny/Random things in FM2013-guernsey-v-real-madrid_-overview-overview.png
    My best ever comeback. Lost the away leg 3-1 and real scored in 1st half injury time to make it 0-2 on the night and 1-5 on aggregate and then this happened.

  36. shadowsc2's Avatar shadowsc2
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    Quote Originally Posted by FootballManagerG0D View Post
    Attachment 345525

    Has anybody else noticed Celtic become amazing!? 6-1 JESUS CHRIST!
    Even more so amazing, Alen Halilović a starter for Arsenal

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Name:	Wenzi MD_ Overview Profile.png
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    Indonesian version of House M.D.?

  38. Funny/Random things in FM2013-usami.jpg

    He doesn't look 21?
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  39. Click image for larger version

Name:	Saddam Husain_ Overview Profile.png
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    No comment.
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  40. anyone seen this player and is he real if so i like his name.
    Funny/Random things in FM2013-untitled.jpg

  41. Quote Originally Posted by SirBell View Post
    anyone seen this player and is he real if so i like his name.
    Attachment 349474
    Yes he is real. And this Wikipedia article is equally awesome.

  42. Joe Hart just told me he needs a new challenge after 3 trebles on the bounce, cheeky fuck!

  43. Jesus, never have a team dominate in the Brazilian League, mine just had to play 13 games in November.. WTF?

  44. Funny/Random things in FM2013-genoa-cfc-v-roma_-pitch-full.png Classic Italian fans
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  45. Why must FM be so racist? Grow up, FM.

    Funny/Random things in FM2013-samir-nasri_-contract-contract-offer.jpg
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  46. In 2016 both Copa América and Olympic Games are played. Instead of being called for the squad that plays the Copa América, Messi and Aguero were called for Argentina U-23 as two of the three player that can be older than 23. The other one is Mariano Andujar.

  47. lolwout?
    Regular season game.. Win is a win

  48. Hi, my name is mersk and I'm obviously schizophrenic.

    Funny/Random things in FM2013-s-bastien-corchia_-overview-private-chat-int-.jpg
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  49. There's just no pleasing some.

    Funny/Random things in FM2013-2013-06-05_00002.jpg Funny/Random things in FM2013-2013-06-05_00003.jpg

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