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Anyone tried out Arsenal?
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  1. Quote Originally Posted by dlau88 View Post
    I've fallen victim to the age-old issue of signing too many strikers in your first main attempt at any new FM game...

    I play a 4-2-3-1 and Giroud tends to lead the line and he's been doing alright in his debut season.

    But I splurged on signing Jovetic for £18m (spread over 48 months)
    I've just confirmed the free transfer for Llorente (joins in the summer but kind of planned on selling him ASAP for profit anyway)
    And I've had a £28.5m bid for Falcao accepted too... delayed for a week as I juggle what to do with so many strikers and only 1 place. I'll probably confirm just because I can really...
    Then theres Cavani who is transfer listed for £20m... bought him in previous FM so I've witnessed first hand how incredible he is.
    I've also got Podolski, Walcott and Insigne who are all rotating either upfront or on the wings. Ademilson has been shipped out on loan to Udinese but he seems to be struggling there.
    How did you manage to get Atlético to accept such a low bid for Falcao?

  2. Initially transfer listed at £42.5m... no club stumped up the cash so the price got lowered to £33.5 and I bid £28m non-negotiable. They rejected. 2 weeks later I bid £28.5m negotiable and they accepted... not quite sure how that happened, but it did!

    He wants insane money mind.... requested £165pw, £6.5m signing on fee, agent wanted £5m but I haggled and got him to accept £130pw, £5m signing on fee and agent £4.5m. I am however, absolutely skint if I confirm the transfer.

    EDIT: Giroud got injured for 4 months so I took that as fate to confirm the signing of Falcao
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  3. that is a ridiculous set of strikers.

    David Alaba is a fantastic buy for roughly $28m (US).

    First season, top by 7 points at new years.

    Alaba 27US
    Fellaini 34US
    Ricardo Rodgriguez 17.5US

    Squillaci 1
    Djourou 9
    Chamakh 9
    Denilson 9
    Santos 7
    Mannone 2

    I loaned Rodriguez out to Southampton and he's been playing above 7.0 in the PL. Alaba and Fellaini start most games and have been consistently fantastic.

  4. in absolute dreamland.... 2nd season pre-season and because Park Chu-Young was on fire during his loan spell, I've managed to flog him for £20m upfront to Porto.

    Bendtner rejected Juventus initial bid-invoking £4.3m offer... but when I offered him round afterwards, he agrees to join them for £11.25m.

    Transfer targets for this season are all aslo transfer listed, although the prices are a bit extreme...

    - £21m for Corchia
    - £37m for Neymar
    - £21m for a relegated Yann M'Vila

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