Need Help With FM13 Training!

  1. Need Help With FM13 Training!

    Hi, I chose Arsenal to start with and Andre Santos has said that he's currently unhappy with his current training workload. I haven't got him on any individual training focuses or new position training. How do I reduce just his training workload? Thanks in advanced.

  2. Same problem here. Adriano in my Blackpool team is complaining about the same thing. Cant find anywhere some sort of slider to reduse his training load. It was there last year.

    Any help would be much appreciated. The old horse is knackered after 20mins.

  3. Try looking at the intensity of the training? If you have them doing a lot of general training, and match training, AND a focus for the week it probably overloads it.

    The new training screen is very difficult to understand to be honest.

  4. Its awful, really struggling to get to grips with it, with the sliders and the schedules it was simple, you knew what each player was doing and that was it, on this you have next to no idea whats going on, i dont understand it at all.

  5. If you have your weekly training set to high for a long period of time, this will make a lot of players with an individual focus complain about workload.

    If you like setting a lot if individual focus. Keep the general training to average and you'll be fine.

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