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  1. Liverpool FC Discussion

    Anything related to your season with Liverpool FC. I'll start it off with a few good victory's i've had recently

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  2. im in February, coming 3rd in the league behind man u and spurs, surprisingly chelsea and man city arent even in the top 6, i got given 11 mil at the jan tranfer window and bought stevan jovetic for 21.5 mil, 11 mil upfront rest over 48 months, its getting tough with the lack of squad depth but managed to sign llorente on a free whos coming at the end of the season, got adam campbell at the start of the save as well hes already scored 6 goals for me in the europa league. cant upload pics atm but i might later

  3. Could you post screenshots of our reserve and u18s squad? Would love to see who are included in this game. Thanks

  4. came 2nd im league first season only had to beat stoke at home on last game to win the prem but lost 4-1 so city won league, signed ayew,lewandowski,wellington niem (class player for me),and isco coming bring on next season

  5. Play Jack Robinson at DL. I gave him a full season and he averaged 7.25 for me. Much better than Enrique performed and just as well because its impossible to buy a decnt DL with liverpools budget/status

  6. Well I couldn't ask for a better season so far. We are out of the FA Cup and the mickey mouse but we are 6th, 3 points away from 4th. We just got drawn Spartak Moscow at home in the Euro Quater Finals so that's a great one for us I feel as we are currently unbeaten! Also I tweaked the formation and tactics of liverpool along with signing new players and I feel it's worked out well. Heres a few screenies

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    Liverpool FC Discussion-man-utd-v-liverpool_-overview.png

    What a result! Twice in one season Best of all Pacheco scored in the last game against them

    Liverpool FC Discussion-dani-pacheco_-attributes-2.png
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  7. Quote Originally Posted by Chris Stevenson View Post
    Well I couldn't ask for a better season so far. We are out of the FA Cup and the mickey mouse but we are 6th, 3 points away from 4th. We just got drawn Spartak Moscow at home in the Euro Quater Finals so that's a great one for us I feel as we are currently unbeaten! Also I tweaked the formation and tactics of liverpool along with signing new players and I feel it's worked out well. Heres a few screenies

    Attachment 280172Attachment 280173Attachment 280174


    Attachment 280176

    What a result! Twice in one season Best of all Pacheco scored in the last game against them

    Attachment 280177

    What are your Team Instructions ? Corner Instructions ?

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    One of the greatest moments of my FM career To beat the League champions in the final and by such a close margin, simply amazing. Almost like Istanbul all over again

  9. To top it all, Liverpool win the Super Cup! I'll keep the save to the full game is out now it's time for a new challenge

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  10. Ive had adam johnson on 2 save games with liverpool. Play him on the right of a front 3 set to inside forward and he bangs in the goals. Over 20 in one season! Lewis Holtby from Schalke as well. He takes about 6 months to settle down then bangs in the goals from AM.
    Havent had much joy with strikers though. Have tried sturridge, shane long and carroll and none perform well.
    Anybody sign any decent strikers?

  11. I've started out a few times with Liverpool and my first season usually goes the same way.
    Sign Gaitan using 5-6 mil upfront and another 6-10 over 48 months.
    Sign Dzagoev on a free, sell Downing, Cole, Pacheco and loan out anyone else.
    Wait till January and sign Bocchetti and Llorente on frees.

    Hopefully you win Europa and get top 4 in the league, second season sell Doni and buy Ter stegen and start to rotate him with Reina then go scout for kids.
    Formation is just a 4321 with wing backs, DM/2CMs and classic winger lone striker combo.

    Borini I find either scores a lot or doesn't score for a few hundred hours so loaning in another ST is probably worth doing or keep Pacheco and use him to rotate around with Suarez.

  12. first season i won the league by 1 point with united losing to everton on the last day and us beating man city 3-2! Stevan Jovetic is a must buy he basically led me to the title, in jan i picked him up for 21 mil, got llorente on a free and have a 39 mil budget for season 2! My formation is a 4-2-3-1, 4-1-2-2-1 and a 4-4-2 i switch them around depending on form and opponent

  13. Just started my second save with LFC, after my first was wiped after laptop issues.
    First save we were challenging for the title, sitting in 3rd, with a couple of games in hand on all of the top 6 due to weird scheduling of matches due to cup success (anyone else experience that?).
    Highlights included a comeback to win 4-1 against Chelsea with a Gerrard hat trick all of which were screamers.
    Struggled to get Agger to a position where he was a consistent starter after early injuries and good performances from Skrtel and Coates. Equally wasn't giving Johnson a lot of first team time after signing Wallace for Fluminese for 4.4 mil.
    Transfer tip would be Miroslav Stoch from Fenerbache, found him after scouting for a winger with high finishing stats, think his are 18, comfortably getting 5 goals in every 10 games, available for around 10 mill early in the window. Plus Wallace of course.
    Rotated between a league top scoring Borini and Suarez for central striker with two wingers any combination of Stoch/Sterling/Suarez/Pacheco.

    Looking for advice on the best way to get the boardroom to expand the stadium?
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  14. suxx

  15. Really can't get going with Liverpool. This years edition seems extremely hard. Just came off the back of a 3-0 loss to Arsenal, 1-0 loss to Napoli, 4-0 loss to Norwich and 2-1 loss to Wolves. I can't really understand this, it must be the tactics.

    I play a 4-5-1 with inside forwards and supporting full backs. Control, High Tempo and width with short passing. I can't stop conceding and can't score for shit.

    Pretty sure I'll be sacked soon.

    EDIT: Just beat Man U 4-1 at home the game after. It's very unpredictable atm.
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  16. Here's my Liverpool team, I finished 3rd last season with a very thin Liverpool squad. I spent a lot of money during the transfer window, mostly deals over 48 months, but I think I'm in good shape for the next few years.

    Sterling played very well, he has been loaned out this season - I bet he'll develop into one hell of a player.

    Borini is also coming on leaps and bounds, I'm playing him a lot on the right flank and as the central striker when Lewandowski needs a rest.

    Lewandowski has been a very good buy - easily the best goals per game striker I've ever bought.

    Liverpool FC Discussion-lfc_2nd_season.png
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  17. Quote Originally Posted by Novocaine View Post
    I play a 4-5-1 with inside forwards and supporting full backs. Control, High Tempo and width with short passing. I can't stop conceding and can't score for shit.
    I'd recommend alternating your wingers from Inside Forwards to Wingers now and then. I'd also recommend having your Full Back 'attacking' if you're using an Inside Forward, but manually adjust his mentality so it's not too 'offensive' because you don't want to be left short on the counter.

    Also, I think the game favours 'Control' with a slow tempo that dictates play. If you're playing short passing you should try slowing down the tempo. I sort of had a similar problem and ended up setting most things to 'Default' and assigning manual settings per player.

    Good luck, I'm sure your second season will be a lot better.

  18. Quote Originally Posted by meandurr View Post
    Here's my Liverpool team, I finished 3rd last season with a very thin Liverpool squad. I spent a lot of money during the transfer window, mostly deals over 48 months, but I think I'm in good shape for the next few years.

    Sterling played very well, he has been loaned out this season - I bet he'll develop into one hell of a player.

    Borini is also coming on leaps and bounds, I'm playing him a lot on the right flank and as the central striker when Lewandowski needs a rest.

    Lewandowski has been a very good buy - easily the best goals per game striker I've ever bought.

    Attachment 280830
    That's a lot of money spent, here's the team I used to win the Europa and the league by a point first season.
    The six subs are the only players brought it, Dzagoev, Bocchetti and Llorente on frees.
    Gotze was 24mil in first season(wont buy him again I'll get Andre Ayew instead), Koke and Jovetic were both transfer listed start of second season.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Liverpool FC Discussion-liverpool_-tactics-overview.png  
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  19. Quote Originally Posted by meandurr View Post
    Here's my Liverpool team, I finished 3rd last season with a very thin Liverpool squad. I spent a lot of money during the transfer window, mostly deals over 48 months, but I think I'm in good shape for the next few years.

    Sterling played very well, he has been loaned out this season - I bet he'll develop into one hell of a player.

    Borini is also coming on leaps and bounds, I'm playing him a lot on the right flank and as the central striker when Lewandowski needs a rest.

    Lewandowski has been a very good buy - easily the best goals per game striker I've ever bought.

    Attachment 280830
    How much did you sign Lewan for?

  20. I'm as far as November 2012, continuing from the beta. Brought a lot of young players (I gutted the reserves and U18 first) in alongside Craig Gordan, Ryan Shawcross, Razvan Rat (season Loan), Maynor Figueroa, Armine Chermiti and Jason Steele (4.8m!). Gone are Downing, Enrique, Doni and Skrtel. Cole is out on loan for the season (40% salary, plus 45k/month). With the massive reduction in wage bill I could spend more on transfers.

    Playing 4-2-3-1 (or 4-3-3 as the game calls it). Short passing, possession based, high line and pressing. DCs (Shawcross/Agger) are both set to defend. MCs are DLP/D (Allen) and BWM/S (Lucas). AMR is Winger (Chermiti or Sterling), AML is IF (usually Borini unless I need him up front). AMC (Gerrard/Shelvey). Suarez is usually played as a complete forward.

    After 11 league games I'm 4 points clear of Man U and 5 from Everton and Man City having won 9 and lost 2. Out of the league cup, but unbeaten in Europa after 4 games.

    The key for me was getting confidence in the team while they adjusted to the tactics. Two league defeats were the first two of the season (Away to Stoke, Home to Norwich) and the Europa qualifying games were awful and I nearly didn't make it through. After that we've dominated most games, but have just scraped a home win against Swansea - in trying to avoid overconfidence I may have introduced some nervousness from my press conference. The mental effect, especially with young players is extra pronounced this year. Early games without Gerrard or Carragher were extra tough, although Shawcross is settling in as a leader and future captain.

  21. Quote Originally Posted by yltan View Post
    How much did you sign Lewan for?
    23.5m spread over 48 months.

  22. Starting to get hacked off with FM13 now. NOTHING I try works, I've tried different tactics, signings, player positions and player tactics, I'm still losing most of my games.

    It's ridiculous, it's like my defence is smacking themselves in the head with hammers before the game so they purposefully play like idiots.

    I've played FM9/10/11/12 all with great success and never really struggled but this is getting annoying now.

    People who are doing well, what are your tactics, formations etc. Cause I'm out of ideas and almost out of patience.

  23. Hey guys

    Huge LFC fangirl here,

    Been playing this on the same save since the beta but only 3 days of the beta so i just got to november in my second season
    like most people im finding it much much harder than 2012 and like alot of people i am finding it rather annoying in places

    though i did win the premier league and the league cup in my first season, ive read what most people have posted in this thread and others about "bugs" and stuff, and ive noticed a few of them in my game like defenders standing around with the ball in the box waiting to get tackled by a striker, Tim krul even did it in one game for me and only for Dexter blackstocks woeful finishing avoided getting punished for it.

    The first season i played very defensively and tried to snatch a goal on the counter, my table was therefore littered with 1 or 2 - 0 wins, in typical LFC style i win comfortably against the big teams and struggle against west brom and QPR etc :p.

    This season ive been trying to adapt my tactics that ive played ever since i spent 9 seasons with inter on 2012, pretty typical italian solid tactical play but with some attacking flare and flash when it comes to it.

    Mixed results so far, after juggling with my budgets and argueing with tom, i managed to clear out all the old kenny signings and this gave me room to bring in alot of players, i have noticed that alot of "key" players for teams seem to request transfers on this FM in their first seasons, odd but ultimately to my benefit.

    I picked up Klaas jan huntelaar because Suarez just wasnt finishing for me, Michael essien because i rate him despite being a chelsea player and for the 3.9 mill they wanted hes still a very decent player, andre ayew was needed for some creative spark because when you lose sahin you realise how much you lack that with stevie getting injured alot.

    i managed to make deals for shawcross and another strange one was cahill, also bernard who id never tried or tested before but now rate very highly, 8 appearances 5 goals 4 assists, then in the dying hours of the transfer window barcelona listed david villa and i simply couldnt say no, once again i whinged and whined to tom and the board negotiated the deal for me.

    So this is what ive been doing most of the season so far with these players, Reina, Robinson, Shawcross, Kelly, Walker (swap deal for Johnson), Andre ayew, Lucas, Gerard (when fit), Stirling, Klaas jan and Villa, its worth noting perhaps that for me atleast i am definately not keeping suarez beyond this season, perhaps even not beyond january.

    His personality profile doesnt include any notes on selfishness or inconsistency but i find him both, ironic perhaps that my jersey irl is Suarez :p, as someone has already mentioned in this thread i think i will sell him and get Lewandowski, i had him on 2012 and found him to be not only a goal getter but a good team player who will get a good amount of assists.

    So far i have been playing with normal tempo (10) normal width and normal defensive line, with attacking mentality and balanced style, shorter passing, zonal marking, press more and float crosses, having shawcross and Klaas drift to the far post on corners they both provide a goal threat like Skrtel and Agger before them (both gone).

    Playing with an advanced play maker, usually gerard sometimes Ayew and occasionally Bernard, Bernard is a utility player and can really effect things from virtually anywhere you play him, in one game he started on the wing and got 1 assist for Villa, then moved into striking position when i took Klaas off, got another assist this time for Stirling, then when gerard got too tired i moved him into central midfield advanced playmaker and he scored from 16 yards out.

    Formations i prefer to play are 433 451 and 442, none traditional though, 433 with wingers not 3 central strikers, 451 with wingers and a defensive midfielder not just 5 accross the middle, and 442 i variate from standard to no wingers and 3 central mids 2 defending 1 playmaker 1 attacking midfielder central usually bernard playing trequatista, villa and Klaas having no legs he provides the flare and speed to provide goals for them.

    I know i go on a bit but i have some issues myself and perhaps someone might be able to help me and perhaps some of this might help others! not much more i promise

    Results so far this season are, a suprise 1-0 win away at Real madrid, played on the counter, 442 variation with the 2 defensive central mids and no wingers, bernard slipping a ball through and relying on villas hatred of madrid for a sly bottom right finish then kelly and cahill defending their hearts out to get us a win not to mention some truly alert goalkeeping from Jose.

    4-0 Home win against City, same formation virtually the same players as the madrid game, it was right after, Villa opening the scoring then bernard winning a penalty which villa put away, bernard then scoring from outside the box and after swapping out my formation and going to standard 442 with wingers, stirling adding the fourth.

    3-0 Home win against Arsenal, looking at it now i think i played what the game calls a 451, essien gerard and lucas in midfield, stirling and bernard on the wings and klaas upfront (pre villa), Klaas opened the scoring, then bernard and kelly closed it up, i would say that my style of play is ideally suited to teams like arsenal, the italian mentality frustrates them and i have never lost a game to arsenal home or away Fm12 or Fm13 playing as liverpool using these tactics.

    In training i tend to focus on team cohesion and then train other things as needed, this season its been all team cohesion with a bit of attacking training and pre match focus on attack movement.

    Ok now for the bad news

    Like most i have experienced this bizzare domination of games where you have litterally 20 or 30 shots a good 10 or 15 on target and still end up losing, now if i had Suarez upfront i could accept this as simple poor finishing, but Villa and Klaas as im sure your all aware are some of the finest finishers in the world.

    So far this season, results im not happy with, and you may accuse me of being a perfectionist if you like :p.

    1-1 Home draw to norwich, Rare red card for Gerard only moments after he came on James morrison goal from 10 yards out, other than that it seemed like a typical day in the office 60% possesion, 25 shots 8 on target 3 clear cut chances, i was pretty confident of finding a goal, but with gerard sent off it was a matter of finding a goal to draw which came from Klaas with a header on 83 minutes.

    1-0 away win at Aston villa, its worth noting Villa are doing well this season for me they're so far my closest rivals 3 points behind me in 2nd, the only goal of the game was a Stephen ireland own goal, same deal, plenty of chances all spurned.

    To combat this lack of finishing i had fired virtually my entire backroom staff in january of my first season, and bought in what i consider a balanced staff of a few of each coaching type with high ratings in my chosen stat, so i have some of the best attacking coaches around, John carver is my assistant manager and handles shooting training which he has 4 stars in.

    Also a 1-1 home draw to newcastle, some would not consider that a bad result but newcastle have started poorly and the media was predicting as i was expecting a comfortable home win, lead the game for much of it and a familiar issue i have faced in many many games and careers at liverpool, complacency, lead to a last minute equaliser for newcastle.

    Then finally a 0-0 draw with Olympiakos, comfortable possession, lots of shots, just no finishing.

    In all these games i consider "bad results" i have played a somewhat reduced starting line up and only god knows what would have happened had i reloaded and played with my best, however my backup players are good, atleast what i would consider good, and i find their lack of determination and complacency leads me to a fear of playing them in future.

    Well anyway my next game is away at QPR coming off the back of a 3-1 home win against Lokomotiv Moscova, i would have prefered more goals or perhaps a clean sheet against Moscow but they did hold Real madrid to a draw at their home ground so i cant be too harsh on my boys for that

    Best wishes

    Edit : Liverpool 6 - 2 QPR, Seems they finally shook off that fear of finishing, for the moment atleast , Villa scored 4 before i subbed him for Suarez and Stirling got the other 2, for those of you wondering how i got Villa in the first place, if you have any say in it let Lorente go to Barcelona, im sure some of you will rate Lorente higher and because of his age might choose him instead thats your choice afteralll but i think ill stick with my Villa hehe, 11 mill after Barcelona got Lorente on a free
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  24. Metzli, if you sell Suarez get Jovetic instead of Lewandowski.

  25. Seriously cannot recommend Miroslac Stoch from Fenerbache high enough. Top scorer for me while playing AML, so far he's contributed 7 goals and 3 assists. Sterling has been more impressive though with 5 goals and a massive 9 assists. just 10 or 11 games into first season in second with those two as top scorers, Borini and Suarez inconsistent despite Suarez scoring highly in the Europa matches.

  26. The dawn of season 3 at LFC for me now

    Season 2 much improved on season 1, ended the season unbeaten in the league, champions by a reasonably comfortable margin cured my teams fear of weaker clubs and altogether my signings blended well and im content to say i made a team of them.

    They looked very well suited together like pieces in a jigsaw with a few minor exceptions , my initial budget for season 3 is 37 million, with a wage budget of around 1.8 mill, i added to this total by selling Suarez finally for 30 million to OM.

    So transfer budget of 59 million, signed Jovetic for 25, 15 and 10 ish over 12 months.

    Now is the big question... my midfield worked its ass off last season truly brilliant performances stevie is 34 now and will be 35 before the close of the season essien didnt have the impact he used to but still for 3.9 was a very good bargain cant fault the mans work ethic but he is now 31 and should be 32 before much more of the season passes.

    Huntelaar is 31 and Villa just turned 32, so the question is what now having put together an "A team" i don't really look forward to breaking them up in the january transfer window i swiped Thomas ince and Marco verratti, Marco is a natural replacement for Stevie, has the skill the eye for goal and the eye for a pass and ill be honest Ince just because i wanted to see if he could contribute.

    As is common in this version of manager there are lots of transfer listings this window some really tempting ones...

    Falcao for 36 million, Daniele de rossi for 17 million, newcastle got relegated somehow and Cabeye is 17 million with Ben arfa 22 million... choices ><

    De Rossi i am convinced would be a huge help but a huge help for only a few years he is 30 after all and as fond as i am of the italian way, this isnt italy, Falcao.. well theres not much you need to add to that, its Falcao

    Cabeye comes in a close third for such a good player his assists and goals arent that impressive and for me i choose midfielders based on one of three stats, Successful tackles per game and Overall in a season, Assists per season and Goals per season.

    His tackles obviously are pretty normal hes just not that type of player afterall, but for a playmaker his assists are also low
    5 or 6 when compared to the 15-20+ you get when playing Marco Verratti, Jack wilshere, Marvin Martin or Cesc fabregas as a central midfield advanced playmaker.

    You could say Falcao is a similiar player to Klaas jan and would be easily able to fit into his role as Klaas gets older though im more concerned with replacing Villa, there arent many players in the world like him.

    Edit : Ok current theory before i get a nap , Sami khedira transfer listed at Real, 3.8 million, hes never enjoyed the best of times at Real his ratio on 13 is no better than 12 or 11 tbh, but i dont need a first team midfielder i just need a backup for Lucas, essien, Tiote and Ayew who are obviously my first choice defensively minded midfielders.

    Any other suggestions more than welcome , after telling my board i believe i can win the league my budgets are at 47 million and 2.1 mill per week leaving me currently with 348k wages spare, i do have this theory that if i juggle my wages a little and funnel a bit into my transfer budget i could possibly afford De rossi and Falcao the only problem being im not entirely sure i want two players of their quality upseting the rythme of my team.
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  27. Was so close to signing Cavani to join Suarez upfront, but it wouldnt let me, said i didnt have the required funds (when i did), maybe because the majority was spread over 48 months? Signed Ademilson and Fierro as substitutes anyway.

    Got 18m to spend in January, and i feel i need to strengthen the defense, LB and CB priorities , any recommendations to partner Skrtel and Johnson ?

  28. Quote Originally Posted by Jaswob View Post
    Was so close to signing Cavani to join Suarez upfront, but it wouldnt let me, said i didnt have the required funds (when i did), maybe because the majority was spread over 48 months? Signed Ademilson and Fierro as substitutes anyway.

    Got 18m to spend in January, and i feel i need to strengthen the defense, LB and CB priorities , any recommendations to partner Skrtel and Johnson ?
    For the LB Jetro Willems, originally at PSV, looks like a good buy for the future. Between Coates and Kelly you should have pretty solid cover, buy Wallace from Fluminese as cover for Johnson at RB, then Kelly will be totally freed up to use as a CB.

    Did you sell Agger? I'm hoping to offload him for £15m+ in the summer transfer window after 12/13 season, anyone else ahd any luck?
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  29. Am 10 games in and sitting 4th 3pts off top.
    I sold Jones,Doni,Kelly,Downing,Enrique and Cole and brought in Gordon,Fuchs,Adryan,Ademilson and Kweuke

    Fuchs and Kweuke have been quality for me and Henderson is playing really well to as a DLP.

    Have loaned out a whole team basically aswell.

    Suarez has been sent off twice already though so not too happy about that

  30. Yeah Addug i off loaded agger in season 1 for 15 million to OM, and Skrtel went to city for 20, i used kelly carragher and i bought Kurt zouma for my defensive team in the first season.

    Carraghers still usable if you play the right tactics, my italian style helped him stick around till the dawn of season 3 when i gave him a coaching job.

    My board are currently very unhappy with me, after much deliberation and planning i decided to say to hell with it all and i bought De rossi and Falcao and Khedira :p.

    The plot was to offload Essien but he rejected contracts from Benfica and Pescara so im 1 midfielder too heavy atm and about 70k over my wage budget.

    However, my new wonder team did crush chelsea 6-1.

    Honestly i had no intention of buying De rossi but when i saw city making a bid.... i couldnt let that slide.

    but it does mean that in the winter window or start of next season someone has to go or has to take a paycut
    i was sort of hoping Stevie would realise hes 34 years old, i dont play an attacking midfielder unless im countering against superior opposition and then if hes fit i play bernard cause hes fast.

    alas Stevies agent is a bit of a ass and doesnt accept that his days of being a keyplayer are on their way out, in point of fact i struggled to get him the 10 starts required for a premier league winners medal this last season and he only came on in my champions league final against Juve as a sub.

    but hey its a enviable situation to be in i suppose, too many good players, my problem is i get attached to them and find it really hard to say no your not playing :p.

    Henderson is another player i shipped out in season 1, 15 mill over a period of time to Aston villa, hes never amounted to anything for them as far as im aware and has never been recalled to the england squad.

    Kelly however after 60 appearances in his first 2 seasons has now just won his 10th cap and is fast building a partnership with Shawcross and Cahill.

    First game of the season will be against Tottenham in the shield, Line up likely to be Reina, Walker, Kelly, Shawcross, Corchia, Lucas, ayew, De Rossi, Bernard, Falcao, Villa/Jovetic.

    My transfer business for the season, barring any departures is well and truly done :p

  31. The 48 month deals when playing with Liverpool is great.Snapped Cavini up on deadline day in August for 28 mill over 48 months. Have him playing with Suarez up front.

    Also Snapped up Isco for 17.5 mill over 48 months. Have him and sterling on the wings and then, Sahin, Gerrard, Allen, Veratti, Lucas and Henderson in Midfield.

  32. How do you sign players over 48 months when I try it they accept the offer then when they accept the contract it says insufficient funds..

  33. Me too. It doesnt make a difference whether you pay up front or staged. The money is taken out of your transfer budget and you need the full amount either way

  34. So irritating aswell, miss out on really big players, eg Cavani

  35. I think I might well have missed my chance on Agger! I've not particularly played him in after the first 15 or so matches, Coates and Skrtel seemed to make a much better partnership and Coates has contributed more goals than Agger did. In fact after 33 games of 12/13 I have the top 4 highest average ratings, Stoch, Sterling, Skrtel and Coates in first.

    I've gone down a much different route after reading a post on FM story, "Youth to Gold". I want to expand the Anfield, or failing that build a new stadium so can't really afford to invest heavily in big names!

    Does Shelvey play any part for you?

  36. Ive just moved shelvey out to newcastle, watching LFC on tv i like shelvey and think he could be a good player for us but on FM i find his play is too one dimensional for my tastes, which would be fine if he got 20 assists per season i mean Marvin Martins play is one dimensional but hes a assist machine pure and simple doesnt try anything else.

    If a playmaker isnt going to get 20 assists per season id prefer someone with a bit of flare which is why i passed up Cabeye, as mentioned before Verratti is a natural successor to Stevie they're both good for 10-15 assists per season in a average season and 20-30 in a great season plus 5-10 goals sometimes more, ive seen Stevie get 15 assists and 20 goals in his 2013-2014 season.

    Another good one is Iker Muniain, although hes a attacking midfielder naturally if you train him to be a central midfield advanced playmaker he does these absolutely breath taking little runs, like having a extra striker but someone who will still pull his weight in midfield, also if your careers are going the same way mine did after lorente leaves Iker hands in a transfer request.

    Isco is a player ive been looking at too, malaga got relegated and so hes transfer listed at 17 mill, at the dawn of my third season after the 2014 world cup vincente left spain and i took on the job as a hobby so i dont have to sit twiddling my thumbs on international breaks :p.

    I must admit im very impressed with Isco after handing him his debut played as a Trequartista in a central attacking midfield three behind David villa alongside Silva/Mata and Iker, with Thiago and Alonso/Martinez in central mid we swiped at 4-0 away win at Holland without breaking a sweat, Isco getting a goal and 2 assists, personally i doubt ill sign him simply because im happy with the balance of my team but if its a Mata/Silva esque player your looking for the boy certainly has the skills.

    So far im just about to cross into november 2014 and the season couldnt be going better, no losses in any competition, 1 draw away at west ham the rest wins in the league 1 draw at home to real sociedad in ECC, the rest all wins and mostly very comfortable shiny wins too.

    Another player i highly recommend Guilherme Siqueira from Granada, after a poor first season with me he absolutely shone in his second, 15 assists from left back and since he was never going to get a call up for brazil was handed his spain debut by vincente in the world cup before i took over, third season hes doing just aswell and was every bit the replacement for enrique i hoped he'd be.

    I do tend to agree with your youth policy Addug but only to a point, my liverpool has a core of 30 ish players and youth built around it, seems to work well and im delighted to say Thomas ince was a good investment and while i dont see him displacing bernard for me he can more than contribute at a premier league and champions league level, his first ever goal for liverpool coming in the quarter finals against Athletic bilbao and if he has the same 9 mill fee release he had for me, well if you have the free cash id say hes certainly worth a try.

    One downside is if you get the chance to sign De rossi like i did, dont be won over by his awe inspiring stats or massive happy grin provoking idea of bringing such a huge name to anfield, for the 13 mill i paid i suppose he was a bargain but he simply wont adapt to the english game before his career comes to a end, the better buy is actually looking to be Khedira, poor stats for Real but scored in his first game for me and hasnt really put a foot wrong the fans are loving him so far and at 3.8/9 mill, good buy.

    Falcao, not really had the best of starts probably the poorest start of my 4 summer signings really for a man with such a huge reputation only 2 goals in his opening 5 and with Klaas Jan scoring 2 per game, 8 in 3 games not to long ago, hes not first choice right now.

    So to sum up my first choice first team at the moment would be, Reina, Guilherme, Shawcross, Kelly, Walker, Lucas, Khedira, Muniain, Ince, Huntelaar, Stirling

    Oh and has anyone tried Jordon Ibe yet?

    Also, make Mcparklands dream come true, Buy mason bennett, havent seen too much of the kid lately but in my first season he put on some good cup performances in a 5-2 win over Arsenal and 3-0 win over Wolves one of my few youth players to still be rated 5 stars after 3 years at the club next season we'll see how he does in the first team.

  37. I'm having a fair to middling season with Liverpool really, decided to resist the approaches for those such as Kelly, Johnson and Downing and try to work with what I have. We are solid, if not spectacular.

    Assaidi has been something of an enigma as well, to the point where I was having serious thoughts about selling him in January. Then he did this, I'm sure he tried to put it over though.

  38. Re: not having the required funds to sign players on 48 month fee's

    from what i've noticed it seems that it only turns you down if you don't have the required wage budget and transfer butget to cover the signing on and agent fee

  39. Hi yall Liverpool fans our there, am starting my game first season and been reading a bit of forum before doing so, below summarized up so far what i've gathered. please advice...


    Fire Colin Pascoe and hire Johan Cruijff
    thats all i plan to do as making too much change within the backroom might affect the quality...


    GK - Planning to keep Reina (until 2nd season to buy Stegen), selling Jones and Doni. Whos a good backup?

    DL - Keep Enrique, buy in Jetro Willems (PSV) as a back up, or sell enrique and buy in Fuchs as DL with Jack Robinson backup
    DCs - Keep Agger/Skrtel, or sell either one to bring in Ryan Shawcross, Kurt Zouma, and continue using Kelly/Carragher/Coates
    DR - Keep Glen J, or sell to bring in either Kyle Walker or S Corchia and have 2 young reserve as backup

    Midfield - What do most of yall do with Downing/Joe cole/henderson/shelvey?

    i'll try to sell/loan them and consider buying in the following - Wellington Nem/Isco/andre ayew/Adryan
    will continue using - Joe allen/S Gerrard/Lucas/Raheem Sterling/Assaidi

    Strikers - Keeping Suarez/Borini
    Will try to buy in Ademilson/Kweuke

    What about Dzagoev?Lewandowski? - Read a lot in forum about them, but do I need them still?

    I'll sign to bring in next season Llorente and Bocchetti if require/backup since free.

    What else am I missing or did not consider? Please advice ...

  40. Craig Gordan is available for free and 10k/week - he's not the best in the world but 40k/week less than Doni.

    I've now completed 31 games in my first season. Last match was a 4-0 home victory against West Ham. 68% possession, 10 shots on target (Joe Allen completed 120/133 passes). That puts me 10 points clear of Man City. I still have to play them so I can afford a slip up...

    I didn't bring in anyone new in January (except some more U18 players). Not able to get in any big names for the summer yet either (Llorente wanted too much salary), but there are some more good prospects (including Ibrahima Mbaye from Inter) and I've got a couple of top class regens already through into the U18. I'm losing a lot of money each month, but the prize money at the end of the season should sort me out. Trimming the wage bill is the best advice I can give any Liverpool manager.

    Cole is out on loan. He's going by hook or crook after this season. Downing is gone (8.5m). Henderson is a good backup across my midfield (covering Allen or Lucas, or even Gerrard or Sterling at a push). Shelvey is a good backup for Gerrard and has done well over his 42 appearances this season with 8 PL goals to his name. I don't think he's a long term star prospect though - PA has dropped to 3 stars so he's about as good as he'll ever be. Sahin was poor earlier in the season so I sent him back to Madrid - he's an expensive player to have on the bench.

    One thing I did was rip out the backroom staff - only Borrell, McParland, three scouts and the physios survived. I've brought in 4* or better coaches for each speciality along with a full scouting team. My Ass. Man. is Rosario di Vicenzo - he's brilliant, 71 but just signed an extension for another year. I've also just appointed a DoF - Paulo Futre - so I'll see what he adds once the season is drawing to a close.

    Not sure who I'll be signing - there will be at least one top class young player - depending on budget then I'll make sure I've got the best U18 team in the country. Hopefully West Ham will activate Carroll's £17m release clause - he's had a good season for them scoring 12 goals so far - so that will help my continued rebuilding. I like him and I suspect he'd do well in my team, but the money may be more useful.

    Long term full back positions are still an issue. Figueroa is an effective stop gap (I also had Razvan Rat on loan, but released him) and Robinson not quite ready. Johnson has performed well as has Kelly on the right, but Kelly's injuries are starting to affect things. Aurier or Corchia may be targets here.

  41. You've summed all the info quite well mate. Am just into March sitting 5th 3points behind 2nd in my first season and to be honest Reina has sucked through all of it so maybe look to sell him at the start.
    Sterling has been amazing after Jan.
    I've signed Wilfred Zaha aswell and he's doing good to
    I have Bochetti coming in next season but missed out on Llorente he signed for Bayern
    Good luck

  42. Liverpool FC Discussion-liverpool-v-man-city_-overview-overview.pngLiverpool FC Discussion-luuk-de-jong_-overview-attributes.png

    I fielded a reserve and youth team against Reading in the Carling cup so I had a fresh team for Man City I think they got the job done

  43. Anyone know if Dani Pacheco becomes good. I've sent him out on loan in my first season

  44. Quote Originally Posted by S23YME View Post
    Anyone know if Dani Pacheco becomes good. I've sent him out on loan in my first season
    I use him as my super sub, he's becoming a legend at my liverpool, see screenshot above

  45. Metzli: Fair comments on Shelvey, I loaned him out to QPR where he always seemed to get good match reports, but their style of play is massively different to what I'm after, don't want to lose him just yet tho as not sure as feel like he could reach 4* ability given time and the right coaching.

    Will definitely look at Verrati and Martins as I started struggling for goals a little towards the end of the season, if little Raheem wasn't putting in assists we seemed to only get 1 or 2 even against poor teams. A 1 nil loss against bottom of the league Reading (who went down in the end) being a fine example of how inconsistent we were, compared to a 4 nil defeat of Chelsea a few weeks earlier.

    Will look at Iker and Isco, as my transfer budget for second season is anywhere up to 40 mil depending on how I work it with wages, and that't before I hopefully get Spearing, Carrol, Downing and potentially Agger off the books. Will get scouting Siqueira too! What sort of CA and PA have you got Ince looking at? He's only 3.5* for me which I'm trying to exclusively go for 4* plus.

    Khedira and Falcao are generally a little old for my liking and the "Youth to Gold" thing but if I stand any chance of a CL campaign I think I'll need to add experience, expecially now without Sahin.

    Anyoen tried to sign Sahin?

    I have signed a ridiculous amount of defenders, largely as long term prospects

    Just wondering what sort of role Sterling played for all you guys in the first season?

    My policy for first season was trying only sign long term prospects so as in real life he played a massive role. In all competitions ( Prem + successful Europa and League Cup campaigns) he made 47 starts, with 17 goals, 18 assists , average rating of 7.45, won European Golden Boy, English Footballer of the Year and by the end of the season was valued at £10.75 million.

    My youth prospects are looking great, with the help of my 22 scouts, I have at least 10 players who I know can get 4.5* PA given time.

    Looking for good suggestions to strengthen the midfield for Champs League campaign second year?

  46. Am gutted finished 4th and Chelsea finished 5th but they won the Champions League so am in the Europa League again for season 2

    Hope I don't end up like Harry Redknapp and get sacked

  47. I tried signing Sahin after the first season, he'd always done well for me at every club ive had him at going back to 2011, this time was no different he really was a creative spark, 17 assists.

    However the guy is too obsessed with breaking into the madrid squad and simply wouldnt come.

    I must admit i now agree about Falcao, for different reasons though as mentioned in my last post he wasnt doing well and when Juventus offered me 38 mill for him in January i was content to sell and he was content to move on again as id only played him for 10 games starting.

    Marco Verratti is still a great pospect but i confess i let him go the problem is that he doesnt play much at PSG and after 2 years with them his potential is pretty much ruined back on 2012 when you could buy him straight from Pescara he was the spark that lead to my 9 out of 9 premier league titles at liverpool.

    Sami Khedira tbh and this is going to sound really silly... but although i got given all this money from the board to improve the team by january the game got kind of boring to me, first season id got through by the skin of my teeth, second season i was sleak and efficient third season i just had too much, so i decided to move him on too simply for my own sense of fun he was a good player though much improved from his time at Real.

    After selling all those and bringing in about 45 mill, i made a move for the person who is possibly the most natural replacement for Stevie your ever likely to find, Jack Wilshere, 30 million non negotiable from Arsenal.

    But for your second year i would definately recommend Ayew, hes had a poor third season for me but second season he was truly brilliant hes out injured atm after returning from the African cup of nations, id also recommend Tiote as a rotation option for lucas.

    Thomas ince is currently at 147, his overall potential is 154 i believe, like Kelly he seems to be one of those players who simply does good despite his rather average potential.

    Now i refrained from saying it before but ill say it now, if you get the chance, Buy Isco, forget Mata forget Silva he has all the stats and skills to be your Iniesta 3 seasons at Malaga and his creativity is 20 his passing is 20 his technique is 20 and the rest of his stats are lit up like a christmas tree too.

    Also picked up Fabio from Cruziero for 1.8 mill after he was transfer listed, not especially worth mentioning but hes not as demanding as Doni and much better.

    Plus if your having the same issues im having you might get Reina asking to leave now and again "ive achieved all i can achieve here" inclined to agree personally, with Krul and Fabio if i get one more transfer request from Reina i might just accept it.

    Picking up a argentine striker regen in July, i confess to taking a peak at his potential, 196.

    Other than that my seasons going pretty well, had a few slip ups recently, lost 1-0 away to City lost 3-0 away to Norwich but other than that its all been wins and 3 draws, ive got 3 or 4 games in hand over city and im currently 1 point ahead i think so i should be safe.

    For season 4 i believe ill try and pick up a new left/right back any ideas?

    Mauricio isla is leaving on a free from Udinese but hes a wing back and would need retraining.

    Edit : Decided to make a contract offer to Isla, seen good things from him on 2012 his ratio isnt that impressive on this one but hey neither was Khediras perhaps i can get some good out of him at 56k per week, ive made worse deals :p
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  48. I've just won the title in the first season with a game to go - was closer than I'd hoped and having lost to Man City (who will finish 2nd) and QPR during the run in I was a little scared having to face a Chelsea side away who were pretty rampant. A slight change in tactics - more defensive and counter attacking - which had failed in the loss to Man City did the trick. 2-0 and the title goes back to Anfield.

    Need to start thinking about who to bring in - once I get the budget of course!

  49. Seems i got Fabio just in time, Reina and Krul have suddenly decided they're spurs goalkeepers... Reina in goal for my worst defeat ever and it wasnt all his fault but the entire defence was pathetic tbh, 7-3 away at chelsea, his exit is now all but assured.

    And Krul with a slightly less costly but still stupid mistake, coming out to claim a ball from a freekick in the dying minutes of the quarter finals of the european championship away at Olympiakos, failed to get it and Mitroglou put it away final score 2-1 to us.

    Definately going to look into defensive options in the summer its pretty laughable tbh the best defence in the premier league suddenly letting 7 past them, i saw someone else in another threat say that this manager is alot like Civs in that occasionally a spearman will beat a tank by sheer random chance...

    Meh anyway top of my mental list is Kyriakos papadopolous, was so good for me in my time at inter milan i got 45 million for him when i sold him to Barcelona on 2012.

    Started playing Cahill in midfield if memory serves he began his career playing there irl, he hasnt done too bad so far with Tiote out ayew playing terribly and lucas and rossi needing rest breaks every 2 games.

    Edit : After retaining the premier league, by the proverbial skin of my teeth, the skin of my teeth part due in no small way to my defence deciding to not play for the last 10 or so games of the season that 7-3 at chelsea was just the begining, Tim Krul finished a first half away at united with a 3.60 ratio and only through the brilliance of David Villa did we get a 3-3 draw, then it was 4-1 away at Tottenham, then 4-2 away at Juve and only by virtue of scoring more at home did we go through to the final of the ECC.

    Suffice to say by the end of those games i was just about ready to pack my defence into a box and sell them all at the end of the season, to be honest thats something im still considering.

    I honestly simply cant explain it and frankly i think it might have something to do with how flukey people say 2013 is, i must admit i hadnt noticed it until those last 10 games but when the best defence, best by some miles, suddenly is concedeing 3+ per game...

    Well after retaining it i simply could face watching what i was sure would be 3 crushing defeats by QPR Arsenal and Norwich in the meaningless final 3 games of the season, so i decided to go on vacation till the final of the ECC, i came back to find suprisingly that all 3 games had been won, 4-2 3-2 2-0.

    Barcelona for me now have Lorente neymar and messi upfront on a good day, and this was a good day, they did lack iniesta though, but before i left i had altered my tactics to slow and told them to focus on defensive training, and i have quite a good record against barcelona with various clubs using those tactics.

    However i knew if my defenders hadnt got their game back we would lose and lose comfortably, then there was a sign from the gods..

    The venue of the 2014/2015 ECC final... The ataturk arena, how very 2005

    And just like that famous day, the reds emerged victorious once again :p in slightly less dramatic fashion
    2 goals, Stevan jovetic and David Villa, Stevie announced his retirement a week later so it turns out that was his final game.

    Reina came to me again and told me he'd achieved all he could and that was that for me i got fed up of arguing with him and his inconsistency was starting to piss me off so thats one spanish keeper i wont be keeping for another season.

    Joe harts unhappy at city :p.....

    First things first though, defenders or atleast 1 and maybe lose 1 or 2, replacement keeper for Reina and maybe a extra midfielder, possibly this 18 year old regen i got from wolves.

    But before all that i have a euros to qualify for with spain :p

    Edit 2 :

    Season 4 just begining, got drawn in the MLS and won 3-0, Got west ham in the Shield and won 5-0
    Players out Tiote, Cahill, Reina and Ademilson with Stevie retired and hired on as a coach
    players in Marc Andre Ter stegan, Vurnon Anita, Mauricio isla on a free and Alvaro Dominguez, basically 3 like for like swaps with a bit of improvement and Isla to solve my fullbacks always dying of exhaustion issue

    Edit 3 :

    After a few scares, including a 3-3 draw at West brom and a 2-0 Champions league group stage defeat to Anderlecht i dropped Kelly and Shawcross to the reserves and upped their training to heavy, i bought in 2 new coaches with defensive training 20 stats and i sealed a deal for Real madrids transfer listed Hector moreno.

    Kelly and Shawcross sat out 3 games, which we won all of them, 3-1 away at Shaktar, 4-1 at home to Chelsea in the cup and 2-0 at home to city in the league, after that i decided to give them their second chance and i put them into the return game against anderlecht, perhaps irony that Ben E King Stand by me started playing on my shuffle half way through..

    A stevan Jovetic and Alvaro Dominguez inspired 4-0 win, with Moreno coming the player like to be on his way out is Kurt zouma, he has the lowest potential rating in the team and despite his good performances for us is a bit too adventurous at center back for my liking.

    Edit 5 :

    January rolled around with the same defensive vulnerabilitys showing again and i finally decided it was time for Kelly to move on, hes not a bad player when hes playing well but at 25 his consistency was still 11, and he was costing us valuable points oddly though the team that bought him... Barcelona for 15 million :p no account for taste.

    Meanwhile i bought in Moreno and a Chilean regen to fill the void left by Kelly and Zouma, hasnt solved all the problems but its definately better, also went on a little wonderkid shopping spree and picked up a potential 200 finnish striker, my first ever regen purchase Charuto moved in after turning 18 and i went for a wonderkid english goalkeeper from Birmingham.

    4th season nearing its end now, toward the end of March now, overall reasonably happy with the team and only expect a couple of exits and a few loans in the summer, Charuto, Furiga definately will go on loan possibly the finnish guy too.

    Huntelaar will be 33 before the start of season 5 so he'll be moving on and i might sell Ayew to make room for a english regen i bought from wolves not really for strategic or ability reasons they're about the same overall potential but i dislike having so many varied nationalitys in my team and believe that having a uniformity helps with the overall performance.

    Example, theres 2 chileans 2 spaniards and 1 mexican in my defensive options, they all speak spanish therefore they blend better with each other and if my english regen does well he'll be my 3rd english central midfield option.

    For anyone who reads this, Thomas ince, his potential might only be 154 but in the name of all thats holy, get him.
    So far hes had 3 seasons all with a overall rating of 7.20+, his worth is currently 12 million and i only paid 9, so far this season he has 10 assists and 9 goals from left and right wing and has strangely enough made more england appearances than stirling.

    Cannot rate him highly enough, he seems to be one of those players that just performs despite his less than impressive stats, oh also hes not intimidated by anything, champions league season 3 group stages, put 2 goals past Gigi buffon, for a kid that was playing for blackpool the season before that, kudos.
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  50. Here is my big problem:

    I don't seem to get the best out of my offensiv players, they aren't scoring the amount of goals i am hoping for. I just played city and i have the same amount of shots and more ballpossession, but my strikers aren't very effective. I also have to they, that i had to play with some subsitutes because of injuries.

    Please help me.

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