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  1. ok, I had Llorente as my DoF for 2 seasons and to be honest, never gave him a chance with regards to finding and buying players for me.. don't trust it..

    I have just hired Rudi Voller (anyone had him before) and have given him free range to find and offer for players for my 1st team and youth team, but I have the final say in the deals..

    lets see how he does, even though this is what I have done so far, start of 3rd season..
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  2. The only reason I will only hire a DoF for insane amount of money is if he is superb at negotiating contracts. Often when I start negotiating with players/agents and fail, they end up going to diff clubs and getting much less money than they were willing to accept from me. I don't get this, I thought since the AI is so great at negotiating contracts maybe it'll do the same for me?

  3. Quote Originally Posted by Raikan007 View Post
    I don't have one, I have not and will not employ one I do everything myself and its a waste of wages as the ones that I was looking at wanted like 24k a week/month!

    how can you trust an AI programme to buy you players? that is the funnest aspect of playing the game in my opinion! contract negotiations is paramount to creating a dynasty
    The only reason I would think of trusting the AI to negotiate contracts for players I'm signing for my first team coz most of the time when negotiations breakdown with a player, they end up going to a mediocre club ( we're the champs of Europe baby!) for less wages and app bonus, etc. I thought if I let my DoF handle neg. wit players I'll get the same deals Is this true? neone tried checking?

  4. Quote Originally Posted by Aannddyy View Post
    Their main role is to negotiate transfers (with other managers & directors) and to negotiate contracts with players. IMO, that's man management.
    lol, thats funny what u just said Man Management is a COACHING stat.. it has nothing to do with negotiating contracts whatsoever!

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