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    Is anyone else conceding goals in the last 10 mins ?
    For the last 6 games, i have conceded a goal in the last 10 mins, leading to me losing or drawing all those games!

    Omg anyone else lmao ?

    Anyone have any tips ?

  2. defending is a complete joke in this game, its seriously pathetic and never should of bein released in this state and goalkeepers are still shit 2, wat your talking about happens alot no matter wat u try ive bein up 3-0 before and ended up drawing 3-3 cause they score 3 goals in 15 mins-_-

  3. I am thinking that you don't do anything to keep the score as it is , am i right? you keep on going with the tactic that got you 3-0 , even tho they change the tactic from standard to offensive .
    I think this happens because you dont react to whats happening on the pitch.

  4. When i see them change o change and such, its only happening in this fm because of the pathetic defending other fms im fine and if i lose its my fault this is just shit ME problems

  5. Had the issue also. I am Lyon, Drew 3 lost 1 all down to late goals.

  6. I always go contain and use the play even safer shout in the last 10-15 mins if I'm just 1 goal up or even 2 goals up if its against a really good side, seems to work for me been I've doing this since the shouts were introduced.

  7. Dont Play as Reading or Man U then!!!

  8. 3 penalties in the last 3 games all in the last 5 minutes of games. took me over boiling point.

  9. cant say ive had this issue, played a full pre season and 1 league game so far, won 6 drew 1 and only conceded 3 goals won my first league game 4 - 0

  10. not conceding late goals, im scoring lots of late goals!!

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