What the hell my defence?
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  1. What the hell my defence?

    I just got Football Manager today as everyone else probably... Through i'm quite frustrated right now... WTF IS UP WITH THE DEFENCE?

    I concede so many goals... I've already conceded 10 Goals in 3 Matches? ......... - My Defenders are put on Aggresive, Push high. With a high defensive line-up, Yet everytime they move back... The most simplest interceptions, they STILL RUN BACK. - I mean WTF? - They didnt even do that on the Demo?

    I played the demo for half a year (Manager months) and was unbeaten so far there. And i'm Using the EXACT same tactic right now. I've already conceded more goals in 3 games than i did for 6 months on the demo???

    Anyone elses defence sucks? -.-.....

  2. mine has been fine, what formation are you using?

  3. 4-2-3-1

    How are you playing your defence? and are they making a tackle?

  4. Im playing 4-4-1-1, I don't play a high line, they're doing okay with the tackling. Conceding corners alot tho. Just conceded at 94th minute header from anton Ferdinand to end my 11 game unbeaten streak.

  5. your version is 13.1.1 ?

  6. Mascherano tried heading the ball back to my keeper from 20 yards out today. He messed it up and headed it about 2 yards then stood still and let the attacker take the ball and go through 1 on 1 with the goalie.

    It got saved anyway tho

  7. I've twice had defenders standing with the ball at their feet in the full version, get robbed, and we lose goals. I was hoping this kind of nonsense would have been eliminated after so many of us complaining about the beta AI.

  8. Yeah im using 13.1.1 . But what i mean is - I have Press more - I have a high defendig line, Aggresive play. THAT usually results in red cards sometimes if they fuck up hard on the tackle... But this year ... - They are just standing behind or in front of the player. Not doing a fuckin tackle - Just watching - Waiting and waiting and he runs by them and goal.. or a big chance usually

  9. try pulling your defensive line back a bit, i used to concede loads playing with a high defensive line so i very rarely play that way now

  10. I have deep defensive line with a 4-2-3-1 formation, and it isn't too bad. Although no matter what I do to make my players tackle more, it doesn't work. Get Stuck In fails spectacularly. Hangzhou Greentown just Barcelona-ed their way past my defence for a goal. Slightly unrealistic this one, but more challenging, and hence more fun. For me.

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