1. Help!!!!

    I'm currently playing as Blackburn in my 3rd season.i started with the beta version and have updated to the real game.will I have to restart a new save ?or will my original save update and remove gk distribution / goals from crosses/ long shots bugs?

  2. from what I know your save games continue over everything to the real game

  3. Cheers,so the dilemma is do I continue with bugs and my two home grown wonder kids or re start ....

  4. I've continued and it seems to be working well - with some of the bugs ironed out you may need to make a tactical adjustment though. Finally my GK will go for the short ball and my team press appropriately.

    Especially if you've got things the way you like them there should be no need to start afresh.

  5. I've got him set to pass short (1 off mixed) and defender collect with low creative freedom. And he's got 3 cd to pass to,so even if they play 2 up front he should have an option....any ideas?

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