Adjusting tactics on the go leads to a bug

  1. Adjusting tactics on the go leads to a bug

    Alright, so I've been playing a 4-3-3 (not that it matters) but my assistant manager keeps telling me that I should play more direct, so I change my passing style from "shorter" to "more direct" during a match, however once I do that the "cancel Pending changes" button is the only one appearing on the ribbon until the next highlight is shown, where it remains, with the regular buttons on the ribbon just moving over one.

    The real problem however is even if I click "cancel pending changes" I cannot change my tactics, make substitutions, change my style or strategy. This means, I am basically screwed if I do this, as it remains for the rest of the match.

    I just had Gervinho's condition drop too low, and he's now out 3 months with a torn hamstring.

    Has anyone else come across this bug, or know if its being worked on, etc?

    I can get pictures if its needed.

  2. Yeah I've had it in the first 3 friendly matches of my season, I'm pretty much screwed for the second half of the match as I can't make substitutions, change tactics or use shouts.
    Hopefully this is something SI will fix in a patch very soon.

  3. Thanks for the response. In a way I'm happy that its not just my game with this problem.

    Hope its fixed, because I noticed my adjustments at halftime making a real change.

  4. Are we the only two that has had this problem? I've looked around on here and other sites and can't see similar issues.
    I've actually been put off playing it, because for the second half of matches, the game might as well be called "Football Spectator 2013"

  5. I started the relegation challenge game and had a problem similar to this in the first match. Right from the beginning of the game I was unable to make any tactical changes. Seems to be OK now though and I've played a further three matches with no problems.

  6. Yes, it happens to me quite a lot whenever i try to change my shouts.

  7. everything seems to be wrong when making subs or changing tacs in middle of game. Doesnt matter if i do "quick subs" or go into the tactics view and change players, when i check my tactics after all the players are on wrong positions or my tactic change didnt go through...

  8. i already post about this problem in SI forum. they've been checking on it. hopefully by the next update this will be fixed.

  9. Yep, me too. I just posted on it, then saw this thread!

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