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Worst Match Engine AI in years

  1. Worst Match Engine AI in years


    In Greece we have a saying "Paint it blue and throw it in the sea" and that's exactly what SI should do with this match engine.

    Players of the same team going for the loose ball and when they reach it they both move away from it.
    Player having the ball standing still being run-in by another player and gives foul against the player with the possession.

    And these are common...

  2. It is very frustrating indeed!

    So many goals ruled out. awful teams passing like brazil. Im really struggling with it at the moment. I enjoy the game immensley, then match day comes, and I feel like throwing my laptop into the road.
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  3. I agree with you. Also lower leage teams goalkeepers behave like an idiot. They dont know how to use their hands. ( I am serious)

  4. I am playing with Monaco. Started it on the beta. 30 games in im 3rd, 1 point off 2nd. But I have been so inconssitant all season. Really enjoying the managing side of things, even though ive been told I may be being replaced by Jean Tigana.

    I have played many games, had 60%+ of the ball for 90 mins, over 20 shots on goal, either won 1-0 or walked away with a draw. Im no maestro in the tatcis department, but I always have a stab at it and have achieved great things before.

    I hope, really hope it is intended to be amuch more difficult experience this year. I can accept that, but they need to irno out a few creases.

  5. My favourite is defenders standing with the ball in their own penalty area for several seconds and get robbed, then a goal is scored.
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  6. Mike.'s Avatar Mike.
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    if you think there are bugs, report them.

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