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Is there any point?
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  1. Quote Originally Posted by Mike. View Post
    If you think what i'm saying is about defending the game, then you are missing the point completely with all due respect.

    Ive never said there are not flaws in the game. There are, without doubt. But they definitely do not totally overshadow the game or make it unplayable. If that fails, then your execution approach itself is the flaw. We have the same ME. Regardless of bug (which effect everyone) if one person is getting shredded as Arsenal, and another is dominating, chances are the former is doing something wrong.

    I dont get you mean by FM logic, Ive only ever approached the game using a coherent footballing system.
    maybe i did, just it seemed like you were.

    tbh the game is somewhat unplayable at times due to absolute rubbish that occurs like keepers doing silly things (the list is endless). enough moaning now anyway im just gonna persevere and try to carry on.

  2. Getting relegated for the first time, yay! All tactics don't work (each one given at least 5 games) and my squad is solid for the championship but they all perform like imbeciles.

  3. And there it is SACKED! For the first time in my fm career

  4. Im NUFC, 3games to go v Wigan,Norwich and Southampton. If I win them I win the league. Ba and Ben arfa both with 16 goals, cisse only 5 or so. Got knocked out of UEFA cup in 2nd knockout round, league cup 3rd round and fa cup 3rd round. Other then that its been a breeze, didnt buy any new starting 11 players just a few squad players. Lee wallace, nathan redmond, owen hargreaves 6month deal and rodwell for last 6months of season on loan. One player who was a great transfer was Dzagoev from CSKA highly recommend got him on a 6month loan absolutely class.

  5. 13 games in with AC Milan & 11th in the table, the game is far too hard for my liking, way OTT with the difficulty, cannot get any of my strikers to score at all, Pato one goal in 14 appearences, i had him score 40 or so in FM12.

    I hope they patch it asap or money wasted.

  6. Quote Originally Posted by bredbin View Post
    And there it is SACKED! For the first time in my fm career
    Exactly, i just lost my sacking-virginity, now the game will never be the same

  7. Quote Originally Posted by QuaresmaBeast View Post
    Exactly, i just lost my sacking-virginity, now the game will never be the same
    To be honest though, I am looking forward to finding another club as an unemployed manager.

  8. Hi there, first post, i have been reading the posts for FM13 since a couple of months and i was actively playing FM12 up until the 2nd of November.

    I started unemployed and got hired by a second league Portuguese team; season expectations top half of the table.

    First friendly against the reserves lost for 3-0, all goals scored by the same winger from the same spot (corner of the 18 yard box), i though i had Messi in the reserves but after checking his attributes he was obviously not good enough for the first team, interesting though, he has 17 in flair and 16 determination (Ruizinho its his name and the team Santa Clara).

    During the next friendlies i noticed the defence issues that everyone is posting about and after experimenting i concluded that the CD's play better with duties of stopper/cover duo and the FB's are useless when in automatic duty.

    After several matches and lying one before last in the table, surprisingly i have not yet been sacked, i have the support of the fans and the team, during all the matches i have been losing or drawing the assistant tells me my team is playing better and should be winning, i just can't seem to outscore the opponent. The end match team talk, when all the players rating is between 6.5 and 7.0 i tell them they were unlucky, against the assistant advice that they should have won the match but i am keeping moral high this way.

    I can't manage to score or build chances consistently, i am playing with 2 wingers and 1 AF, the wingers can't manage to get past the opposition FB's, either outrun the ball or give up and pass it back to the CM's, then they stay idle in the corner of the 18 yard box while the CM's pass the ball around for it it feels like a looooooooooooong time (tiki-taka style) and when the ball finally reach them they are offside.

    The only times i managed to to score was playing Attacking or Overload, Control and Counter don't seem to be that different and my team ends up by losing the ball stupidly and the opponents score, also can't keep or regain possession and the opponent manages to construct plays and score.

    Player instructions don't seem to do anything, no matter what i change them to they don't play any different, or at least i don't notice anything different in their behaviour (i watch the game in extended and in the beginning i even watched full matches).

    I have to say that i feel really stupid when i can't figure out what i am doing wrong or should be doing to get the team to at least outscore the opponent; i guess i need to take an real life manager course?!

    Sorry for the long post and just to finish i want to mention the some things are exactly the same as the previous version, namely that your best players seem to get injured for half a season and the opponents team performance is allays the opposite of the betting of media odds, "face the impossible" means easy win for the player and "easy win" and opponents team of 10 Messi's

    Thanks for reading

  9. For me the game is broke the ME just isn't realistic.

    On my current save i started well with a home and away 4-2-2-2 attacking formation with Bale and Silva playing out wide with Aguero and Tevez up top won all my pre season friendlies beat Chelsea 4-0 in the CS 3-1 at home in the PL narrowly edged Southampton at home then out of nowhere i lose 4-0 to Sunderland 4-1 to Swansea and draw 1-1 with Reading.

    So i think ok I'll switch my tactic to something else so i try a 2-3-2-2-1 ok it looks weird it's bascially two CB's a DM and two wing backs it's not as gung ho as it seems i beat United 6-1 and win 5 or 6 games running Barcelona 2-1 in the CL Spurs 2-1 Arsenal 4-2 lose 3-2 to Liverpool at Anfield but it was a good game.

    BOOM 0-0 with Everton again not that bad then i go 10 games only scoring once only winning once a few more 0-0 draws and the rest 1-0 losses my matches last under 60 secs as there's no highlights at all apart from the opposition scoring and me passing it around for 10 seconds before i lose the ball!!!

    This is Manchester City scoring one goal in 10 games that's not right you'd struggle to try and be that bad at the game. Aguero got four against United then scored once in the next 12 games. Yes i change my match prep yes i scout the opposition.

    It's happened in all my games so far you find a set of tactics that work for 5-7 games then they suddenly stop working for no reason. You go from top of the table to 4th-6th with no players avging over 7:00 it's a total joke. Again I've played CM/FM since the early 2000's and even Player Manager before that The game is broke so far.

    I can only think there's some scripting loop to play 10 games all ending 1-0 or 0-0 barely no highlights is a joke. Funny thing is instead of starting over again i went back to a previous save just before this 10 game losing streak and that game has gone back to normal. Great games great highlights and fun to watch and play.

    I can deal with the little annoying bugs like Joe Hart kicking it to anyone but my players defenders not reacting at all when the ball is next to them i can deal with this but the whole ME seems to break at certain points and it can't recover.

    I'm a Manchester City fan i know these games are not a challenge i set myself other challenges but they feel like a mid table team at points for no reason at all.
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  10. Hi guys

    Really interesting stories/discussions

    I'm playing as Chelsea in my first save on the full game. I like to play possession football whenever possible so I set about creating a control formation. I went for a 4-2-3-1 with FB in support roles, CBs (1 cover, 1 defend), 2 DMs (1 anchor man, 1 support DM), AMR (Adv Playmaker-attack), AML (Winger-attack), AMC (AM-support), ST (Poacher).

    First few games I was getting frustrated because I was getting 55-65% possession but not getting a single CCC. What I decided to do was set all my midfielders and attackers barring ST and Anchor Man to through ball often and setting my wingers to cut inside. This has cut my possession by about 5% on average but now i'm getting 2 to 4 CCCs a game. 12 clean sheets in my first 15 games.

    A big problem I have with this game that i had with the last one, is that strikers have goal droughts far to often. Mata, Hazard and Oscar are scoring for me from the midfield more than once every 3 games each and that is seeing me through, but my striker whether it's Torres, Strurridge or my new guy Ademilson miss at least 1 CCC and a couple of half chances or more a game. They won't score for 5 or 6 games and then score a hat trick. I'd rather some consistency.

    That being said I was very happy with myself when Torres had only scored 1 goal in the first 10 games and I threatened to transfer list him if he didn't improve and he scored 6 goals in the next 4 games. When it works it's great management, when it doesn't work it's the game fault, that's want I say :-)

    This game definitely requires you to go into more detail than previous iterations and do a lot more tinkering but if you work at it and play to your team's strengths you can do well.

    By the way, you shouldn't be getting annoyed if you can't win the league with spurs in the first season like you could in previous games. You should be happy they made it hard to defy expectations, I am :-)

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