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Is there any point?
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  1. Is there any point?

    Played fm/cm for about 14years now and I cant do anything right on this years game. I read loads of negative comments on here and thought its just people moaning who cant play. But this is the 3rd time of trying a new game with Newcastle and I cant win a game.
    7 Games in and ive conceeded 14 goals. Got knocked out the Europa league knockout stage. Got beat 4-0 by a team full of 'greyed out' players. No matter what I try I shouldnt be getting hammered 0-3 at home by Southampton and them having 20+ shots at goal. In the 5 Prem Lge games Ive had 4 red cards, and tacklings not set to aggressive.
    In previous years of playing I always enjoy bringing a Lge2 team up to the premiership, and I usually do that very well. But I don't see the point in trying this year as I cant even get a very decent Newcastle team to win!!!
    Rant over
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  2. And can I just that Teamtalks are a waste of time. Never gave 1 without people losing confidence etc. I understand Im an unknown manager but only the youngsters tend to respond well to teamtalks

  3. Have you tried using cautious tone? I too play as an unknown manager and it seems to work wonders for me.

  4. im newcastle

    as the title says im newcastle aswell been beat off wigan 1-0 and west ham 4-0 however i won in europe, iv got man marking on and always close down, no red cards yet, but i understand what ya saying its crazy hard..

  5. Melq, yes m8, tried packing midfield, playing on the counter, playing a sweeper. Im not all against the game or anything, I mean Ive spent countless hours over the years on fm. But just finding this years version unbeliavably hard. I dont like d.loading tactics or player shortlists as I feel like its cheating. But I mite have to soon just to get a win!

  6. Quote Originally Posted by Baldwin-87
    But just finding this years version unbeliavably hard. I dont like d.loading tactics or player shortlists as I feel like its cheating
    Yeah, i totally agree with this mate. It's very tough to get a win, home or away. Im playing with Swansea and i've found myself changing tactics every game just to find something that works. So far, with a fair share of luck im sitting 4th in the table, but i had some 'wonderful' results like playing my first eleven at home and losing 1-6 to Carlise in the league cup.

  7. how did you do in pre season ? did you get any good results there ? if you did look back at the formations you used and the players you played, and maybe change your training, good luck buddy.

  8. had 6 games in pre-season and won them all, playing against mostly lesser opposition though to be fair. Ive tried training, set piece creator, individual player roles in different formations.
    Gonna start again and this time things are gonna go right!
    And in this game Cabaye better get at least 1 game higher than a 7.0!

  9. Yes there is a point, its a great game and its even better trying to figure it out
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  10. I'm betting there's a way to beat the system. there often has been some kind of exploit in past games, be it a formation or a certain configuration of players that just seem to do the trick. Even if I do find it, I think it will ruin the game, as the idea is supposed to be realism. The thing is, I've actually coached real players, and real players can't be fit into a different system each week and succeed. You have to let them solve the puzzle on the pitch themselves, while having a structure flexible enough to deny the opponent open chances even if their formation changes. This ME seems based on the tactics used in any particular match, and whether they stack up against the opposing team's.

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