Opponent instructions

  1. Opponent instructions

    It seems that the game doesn't remember my opponent instruction before a game. this means I have to set them again and again after every substitution and half time. Even when I set instructions for a position, like Striker (close down, tight marking, hard tackling, show onto weaker foot), the game doesn't activate these.

    I have lost so many games becasue the other team's substitutes score. anyone else had this problem?

  2. i did some thinking about attributes last year and it works well this year too only 3 goals conceded with dinamo in the league after 10 matches

    players with low composure -close down always
    players with low bravery . hard tackling
    players with low off the ball tight marking always
    players using only 1 foot show onto weaker
    wingers and Fb show onto opposite foot

  3. Cool I will try that!

    I also found out, the game doesn't remember my starting formation when i set it.

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