My first season :-D

  1. My first season :-D

    So far i'm loving the new game, I decided to start with Wolves and bring in a bunch of young players, I somehow managed to pry oxlade chamberlin away from Arsenal lol so its nice having a good winger. But other than that I'm playing with a 4-3-3 with a DM and two wingers that drop back to help defend when we dont have the ball. So far ive conceded 6 goals, 3 of which are the first game when i had just implemented my formation and ive scored 21 goals. My record in all competitions is 8 wins 1 decision, 12 wins 1 decision 1 loss if you count my friendlies.

    I just knocked Aston Villa out of the Capitol one cup and we have advanced to the fourth round of the cup.

    My main forward is John Guidetti which i got from man city, so far he has 10 appearances and 7 goals total, 7/7 in the league.

    I'm trying to find where the average age of my team that I start with is but I cannot seem to find it. Would love for someone to help me out with where it is located, so far I'm having a blast and I'll keep posting and let people know where my team and season ends up :-D

  2. My first season :-D-wolverhampton-wanderers_-matches-schedule.png

  3. Wolves vs Burnley - Guidetti Goal 22 minutes - YouTube Nice goal from my formation quick passes on this one

    Wolves vs Cardiff - Oxlade-Chamberlain Goal 27 minutes - YouTube Good vision and movement on this goal.

    Anyone know how to upload better quality videos to youtube? The quality on these are HORRID

  4. you seem happy so well done, but why save them goals?

  5. Because i think it was pretty football, the uploader wont show the build up about 10 or 15 seconds earlier

  6. screenshot your formation and teamplay?

  7. how the fuck did you get chamberlein from arsenal.. you lucky basterdd

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